Dragon Master novel Maximilian

Chapter270 Maximilian Lee

The voice outside the door was not loud, but the characters involved in the discourse made Frankie and others scared.

"Connor is here? Will Connor come to Geekoo? When he comes to Geekoo, he would tell me in advance. "Frankie muttered suspiciously.

However, Frankie's doubts soon disappeared, because Connor came in accompanied by a fat middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man dressed very simple. But the rosy face revealed his wealth.

"Is Wyatt Owen accompanied by Connor?" Leon asked in a low voice.

"Yes, follow me up to meet Connor."

Frankie took Leon and others to Wyatt and Connor. Humphrey walked to Maximilian with a sneer.

"Loser, you've offended a figure this time. You've offended not only the big guys in Geekoo, but also the big guys in H City. You are doomed to die."

Then Humphrey looked at Victoria, "Victoria, you can see how much trouble this loser has caused. It's hard to say whether it will also affect your family. But you can see the relationship between me and them. As long as I speak, I can do your family a favor."

Victoria thought of the scene at Hugo's birthday party, and looked at Maximilian with concerns.

Maximilian said with a smile, "You've seen Connor's attitude towards me, so be at ease."

Victoria nodded slightly, without worry in her heart.

Humphrey looked at Victoria in surprise, thinking that why Victoria was not panic at all. Did Victoria really believe this loser?

"Maximilian! Do you know that disaster comes from the mouth! Connor’s attitude towards you? Have you met him? Don't brag here, it's Victoria who is harmed by you in the end! You'd better go now and kneel down to make amends to Leon, or you'll regret for it! "

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someone boasted that Connor did not dare to beat him. We were all saying that he has lost his

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Maximilian and bowed to him and said, "Hello, Mr.

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