Dragon Master

Chapter 291The Family at His Service

There was a strong chill in Andrew’s heart, as the attitude of Taylor had made it crystal clear, but Andrew could not stand bowing his head to Maximilian and begging him.

Andrew looked at Victoria, “Victoria, you are a member of the Griffith Family, so you should stand up for our family at this time.”

“I’ll follow Maximilian’s decision.” Victoria said, holding Maximilian’s hand.

“Maximilian is a live-in son-in-law. He should follow your decision instead.” Andrew didn’t giving up persuading Victoria.

“But it’s a matter of significance. I can’t make decision for him.”

Victoria would certainly help the Griffith Family unconditionally, if it was before, but she was bitterly disappointed after experiencing so many things and learning the nature of her relatives in the Griffith Family.

Victoria was reluctant to think about what to do, and she just wanted to let Maximilian do what he liked.

Andrew looked at Maximilian with a bitter face, hesitating. Maximilian smiled, without caring about Andrew’s expression and his inner thoughts. What Andrew would do was insignificant to him. But Maximilian would not let the Griffith Family come down for the sake of Victoria.

“Master Stone.”

“I’m flattered. You can just call me Stone, or Taylor.” Taylor said with great humility.

Taylor, who should have been talking and chatting with great figures in his luxurious residence, was as humble as a grain of dust on the ground at this moment.

The current situation of Griffith Family was nothing worse than that of the Stone Family. Taylor thought of Stone Family, which was bitterly cracked down by Maximilian.

Andrew gulped. He was also astonished when seeing that Taylor was so humble in front of Maximilian.

“Considering your age, I’d like to call you Senior Stone.” Maximilian said with a smile, “The bank has stopped lending to the Griffith Family. You can deal with it.”

Andrew was ecstatic, as he did

Mr. Lee. I’ll contact the bank right

phone and made several phone calls. Shortly after, Andrew’s

answered the phone and said something, and then another call

Andrew laughed with great joy. It was

for the Griffith Family, which was absolutely good news for the

then held Victoria’s hand gently and walked out, just like someone who did a great job but left without caring about the

notice the leaving of Maximilian, while Taylor had followed

Stone Family make an apology to you

cultivate your son

have booked flight tickets to send him abroad, and he will

Taylor looked at Maximilian with great care, as if he was

back and

Lee. Thanks

out loud. He treated Maximilian in such

not crack down the Stone Family. The Stone Family would be fine as before, but

and Madam

let’s go back

opened the door of his Lincoln limousine respectfully for

did not sit with them but sat in the passenger

sent Maximilian and Victoria to their

suggestion to send them into the house, but walked back home

Maximilian, Taylor said after a moment of meditation, “Post the photo of Mr. Lee to everyone in the family and ask them to serve Mr. Lee respectfully and regard

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