Dragon Master

Chapter414 It’s Ugly

In the Prosperity Estate.

Dragon Queen was lazily lying on the chair, “What’s going on with those white men. I am waiting to see the show of them beating Maximilian.”

“The manager of the boxing competition Colletti already got the contract signed with Connor. It will be on next week.” Harley said flatteringly.

“So slow. Benedict might not be one hundred percent reliable. We need someone staying with Maximilian.” said the Dragon Queen slowly.

“We already had people inside Griffith’s company. We will get Maximilian’s recently moves soon.”

The Dragon Queen looked at Harley and said coldly, “Are you dumb? What I want is the pin, not what Maximilian is doing recently. Can your men get the key for me?”

Harley immediately started sweating on the forehead, remained silent with his head down.

“Useless loser!” Dragon Queen grabbed the wine glass and poured the expensive red wine onto Harley’s face.

As the red wine flowed down his face, Harley dared not to wipe it off with his messy and trembling hands.

“I heard you are hiding a girl out there. Huh. Are you planning to have fun with her?” said Dragon Queen coldly.

Harley’s whole body shivered, then he kneeled down and kowtowed to her.

“No, no. I have no such a thought like that. I was going to train Flora, then send her to serve you.”

is going to the party. Ask your girl to meet him coincidentally. If she could get the key, I will pretend that

blood. Though she did not

Flora’s sexy body and delicate face, Harley felt his heart aching. He was going to enjoy her himself, but did not expect that Dragon Queen would find out

think because I am spoiling you, you can do whatever you want? Remember that everything you have was given

will serve you

hurriedly kowtowed as hard as he

kowtows. You look like a loser.

got up from the floor, gently scooted her up, and then brought her

the party day.

morning, and

spotting Maximilian in her office, Anayah frowned, but soon she looked normal

Are you a super woman? Your husband looks quite relaxed though.” Anayah

smiled, “You don’t know Maximilian. He has many things

disdainful sound, then sat across Victoria, “What things can he have? Who in this city doesn’t know that he is depending on

a moment. We can head out after I’m done with

with surprise, “Are you guys going like this? It is a party tonight. There are

not show your shoulders and back. You will be the focus if you wear a sexy dress. Maybe you would even get some big deals


With the exposed front and back, she looked

Victoria and said with her arms crossed, “How is that? Not bad huh? You should’ve dressed like this as well. How about we go

she immediately got pissed off, thinking that there should be something wrong with his

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