Dragon Master

Chapter 458 The Quintessence Tai Chi

Maximilian stood up and looked at Thompson with a smile, "If I kill him now, is it meant I succeed in the opening round and won't need to play anymore?"

"Oh, your idea is very creative. I agree to your proposal on behalf of the organizing committee. Your match officially starts now. No matter it's you or Nuron, whoever wins will directly advance into the main event."

"Good." Maximilian walked towards the ring with his hands behind his back.

Nuron grinned, and leaped directly from the ground to the ring with a sharp push of his legs. He stood on the arena and began to move his arms and wrists as if he was warming up.

Maximilian climbed up the ring slowly step by step, like a calm old gentleman.

Seeing Maximilian going up the steps, the boxers burst into laughter and thought Maximilian was making fun, as he couldn't even jump onto the ring.

"Is this guy really trained? He is thin and weak with no muscle, and looks old when he goes up."

"It is really funny. Such a guy dares to fight with Nuron. Nuron can kill him with one punch."

"I've seen a lot of silly birds, but this is the first time I have seen such a silly person. Is he blind? Nuron killed several people, and he should be able to realize how powerful Nuron is."

None of the boxers were optimistic about Maximilian’s upcoming match. As Maximilian's performance was too low-key, there was no demeanor on him that a master should have.

Connor covered his face and didn’t dare to watch the upcoming battle. These days, Nuron's ferocity had caused a shadow in Connor's heart. At this moment, Connor's mind was filled with scenes about Maximilian being beaten by Nuron. He didn’t believe Maximilian would win this time.

training hall, Canaan and Flora sat together, staring at

and his clothes were already soaked with sweat. Canaan was scared to death when he saw Nuron killing other boxers. After all, he grew up

film and on TV was on the screen, and he knew those were

If he didn't know this was an international underground boxing match, Canaan would

pale. After experiencing so many setbacks and tribulations, Flora’s mentality was still good and much better than Canaan, who was just a second-generation

fighting with others, right? Do you think Maximilian can win?" Flora asked

trembled in panic, and his mouth kept rattling, making

a man? It is Maximilian who went up to fight, not you. How come you are scared like

just scared!" Canaan covered his face with his hands, wiped the sweat and tears from his face

I not be afraid? I've never seen blood before, let alone see someone beaten to death. That black boxer is really sick, and I definitely won't fight with him. I think Master Maximilian may not be able to win. Oh, what should I do

and looked at Canaan who was covering his face and crying. She thought she met the legendary momma's boy. How could a normal man be scared

master is fighting a life and death battle with other. You should stand up and cheer

dare to watch it. Just tell me the result later. I really don't dare to watch." Canaan buried his head between his knees, acting

no longer cared about Canaan,

stood in front of Nuron, posed in a starting stance of Huang Feihong, and hooked his index

at Maximilian fiercely and said viciously, "You are too arrogant. You

waiting to

you! Watch me beat you into

his right fist. When he swung his fist, there was a huge explosion sound. And it seemed that the air was about to be shattered by

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