Dragon Master

Chapter 459 Taking Advantage?

Maximilian smiled and looked at the astonished Thompson, "See, this is Tai Chi. Tai Chi uses rival’s strength to defeat rival’s strength. I just took his force and then use his force to dissolve his force. But I have not launched my force yet. If I use a set of catching and transforming force, I should have beaten Nuron to the ground."

Thompson looked at Maximilian like a dumb goose,as he didn’t expect that Maximilian would still have the mood to explain Kung Fu to him at this time. Thompson didn’t understand what the catching and dissolving meant, but he had a new understanding of Maximilian.

At this time, even a fool could see that Maximilian was much stronger than Nuron, let alone a smart person like Thompson. Thompson knew that his vision would be frustrated again.

Nuron was already in a rage and felt that Maximilian was a barefaced humiliation to himself. Maximilian even had time to chat with others in the middle of a battle. Maximilian didn’t put Nuron in the eye at all!

"You've angered me! I'm going to defeat you!" Nuron's blood flowed faster, his muscles soared, and his entire body's strength was accumulated again.

Boom! Nuron stomped his left foot so hard that a big hole was made on the floor of the ring.

Then Nuron withdrew forcefully with his right hand, and his left hand clenched into a fist and slammed at Maximilian, intending to defeat Maximilian with the force of pulling and smashing.

However, when Nuron withdrew his right hand violently, Maximilian suddenly let go of his hand that grabbed Nuron's fist.

Instantly, Nuron lost his balance and fell back towards the ground.

Maximilian stood with his hands on his head and looked at Nuron. Then, he said indifferently, "Come on. Just now I used Tai Chi, now I'm going to perform the 18 palm attacks to defeat an insect. To deal with a scum like you, there is no need to use a masterpiece like the 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons."

Maximilian was joking, but Nuron had been angrier and angrier. He turned over, jumped up from the ground, howling like a beast. He stomped his feet on the ground and smashed at Maximilian like a cannonball.

entire body, ready to directly mangle Maximilian over, and would never leave Maximilian a

his expression didn’t change at all, as if

If an ordinary person was hit by Nuron's fist, his entire

Maximilian smiled and waved his palms, and collided with Nuron's

to Nuron's arms. Nuron felt his bones were breaking in sections, and a cold sweat broke

rushed to Nuron in one step and

knees. The

could challenge the champion of the underground boxing match and become a powerful player. But

a panic, his voice was out of tune, and sounded like a sharp

you do just now when others surrendered? What’s more, I still have sixteen more palms to hit you with my 18 Palm

palms were accompanied by Nuron’s screams and the sound of broken bones, making everyone

he still the unbeatable and arrogant Nuron? He was simply a dog. But no dog was

soars to the sky, this is to see the dragon in the field ... this is just the 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons you want to see!" Maximilian slapped his last palm on Nuron's back, and Nuron fell off the

and opened his mouth to spurt out a mouthful of blood. The blood splashed on

the next seat to keep himself away from the

Fu is really great." Thompson said as he

a long breath, and suddenly felt proud. All his

Thompson, you don't have to be so nervous and scared. Mr. Maximilian is not going to mess around and hurt innocent people, as long as you don't make

wondering what it meant not to annoy Maximilian. He had done so many things

Nuron away, and send a doctor

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