Dragon Master

Chapter 461 What If You Take My Father Away?

"This, this really can't be explained. Maybe he is really good at Kung Fu, like Bruce Lee."

Colletti can't explain Nuron's death, so he can only blame Maximilian and his martial arts.

"So, Connor said that is must be investigated, as it could really exist. Think about it. There are 8,000 people who are even more powerful than Maximilian. What a force they will be when they gather together? Even our BOSS can't afford it!"

When Thompson finished talking angrily, Colletti felt his cold sweats, and thought that he took it too simple.

"I understand. I will arrange my men to find out, and we will definitely find it out."

Finishing the words, Colletti picked up the phone and arranged his men to find out the truth according to what Connor said.

Thompson lowered his eyelids and asked, "Where's Frankie? He should have been sent to the laboratory."

"Yes, but I don't know the details."

"That's fine. Our task is to get blood samples from Maximilian. I am afraid we cannot count on the boxing match. Do you think there is any other way?"

Thompson didn't know how to deal with Maximilian. He was so good at Kung Fu that several men had been defeated by Maximilian. Thompson didn’t want to take the risk. If it was revealed that he ordered it, Maximilian would kill him immediately.

"There are other ways, like honey trap. We can find professionally trained agents and beauties to do this."

Colletti thought it was practical to seduce Maximilian with beautiful women, especially with fair-haired foreign girls, as it would definitely stimulate his desires. As long as he was aroused, he would be taken done in minutes.

"Well, it's a good idea. I don't think the beautiful woman who just hugged Maximilian is his wife. He must be a playboy, too." Thompson nodded and analyzed.

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"Go, arrange it quickly."

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with you. It is like a feeling of being with my father. When my father hugged me in my childhood, I had the feeling of being with

just want to say, my master is not

Maximilian. My feelings are not wrong at all. My father passed away before I went to

her hands, Flora began to cry, and rubbed her eyes with her thumb

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wondering if he should call Sissi sister, but he just didn't know if he should be regarded

Canaan, your father's apprentice.

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