Dragon Master

Chapter 462 Promotion

In the evening.

Many luxury cars with licenses not local drove to the boxing stadium.

Countless rich people were rushing to the International Underground Boxing Tournament. In particular, some gamblers were very excited.

Stefan got down from his Bentley, and went through the rich people like a bully with the help of an old butler and surrounded by bodyguards.

Many rich people felt Stefan was too showy, and they wanted to show their identity and teach Stefan a lesson.

However, the bodyguards around Stefan showed the guns they carried, and silenced all the rich. Rich people also carried bodyguards with weapons, but they only carried a pistol at most. On the contrary, each of Stefan’s bodyguards mostly had a mini submachine gun, and was even equipped with two pistols in the waist. Such firepower proved the identity of Stefan.

Looking at the rich guys scared and shivering, Stefan snorted with disdain, and kept moving forward with his head high.

"Hey, it’s you! You are quite tough." Benedict swaggered to him, followed by several strong bodyguards.

Stefan heard Benedict’s voice, and twitched his cheeks slightly, but immediately showed a smile on his face.

"It turns out Master Benedict has come. I didn't expect you to like boxing matches. If I know you are here, I will definitely stand at the door to greet you."

The old Stefan claimed himself to greet Benedict, which made others feel weird.

Benedict walked up to Stefan, squinting and saying, "Who do you want to see in the match? I heard that your son died recently. Why don’t you lament his death at home, but come out to show off?"

Stefan flashed an irate look on his face, and his smile gradually became stiffened.

now. You don't have any land in your hand. Don't be

to meet her, right? Do you have the

him, I am afraid he will give me a hand after my hard work for so many years.

Seventh Dragon Lord. He had been following him for more than 20 years and had done many things for him. So, he

no claws now, and

with hatred, "You have guts. Dragon Queen will arrive soon. Let’s wait

face flashed with a

Dragon Queen. After all,

very mysterious, and few of the Dragon Sect affiliates had seen her, except for

more, and put his hands together in front of the lower abdomen to wait for the arrival of Dragon Queen with his

made a pug-like smile on his face

then stretched his arm to let Dragon Queen

and a gorgeous dress, Dragon Queen got out of the car and glanced at

do you take with you? Are you ready to give up on

the seventh brother whom I happened to meet just now. He was very rude to me, and said he would go to the seventh brother to speak ill of me

a sad look on Benedict’s face, "Look at it. Now I have no power, even the men below dare to look down on me. How can I fight for you

What Benedict said is

and told her about the death of Luke Newman, the third son of Stefan and

"You are really embarrassing to me. Let's talk about your

and her attendants, Benedict and Stefan looked at each other maliciously,

set up many VIP boxes, and the boxes in the middle

find a way to avenge him yourself. Why do you come to watch the match? If you dare to offend Benedict this time, will you

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