Dragon Master

Chapter 464 There is an order from the Dragon Queen.

Benedict pondered the thoughts of Dragon Queen and said slowly, "I think Maximilian is just a little clever. Nuron is a boxer with no rules, who depends only on his physical fitness. As long as someone is systematically trained, he can beat Nuron."

"Benedict, do you really think so?" Dragon Queen said coldly.

Benedict trembled slightly, lowered his head in panic, and said in a muffled voice, "I just say what I think, but it may not be right."

"Hey, although I don't know anything profound, I still understand the basic truth. Although Nuron is not the most powerful master, he is in the first-class."

"There are a lot of Dragon Sect guards who are better than Nuron, but no one can beat him as easily as Maximilian. Maximilian has been forbearing and trying to become stronger over the years. He is really ambitious!"

Harley quickly echoed and said, "You are right, Maximilian is indeed ambitious. I have long seen his ambition, so get rid of him as soon as possible."

Shrinking his neck, Benedict dared not to speak any more. It's better pretend to be a good guy as any words would be wrong at this time.

After tapping her fingers, Dragon Queen closed her eyes and said, "Take the video back and let the attendants study the strength of Maximilian. Harley, help Stefan quietly and let him take revenge."

"I see, I'll arrange it."

Harley got out happily, took out his phone and began to make calls.

With commands from Dragon Queen, Harley can let go of his courage to start trap Maximilian, and only needed to use Stefan to do it in a hidden way.

After Harley called Stefan, Dragon Queen yawned and said, "I am a little tired. I am going back to have a rest."

"Okay." Harley walked to the front of her to help her get up, and then took her arm and walked out of the private box.

in the private box and waited for them to walk away, and

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you killing Nuron in the training match. After watching it, she seems to be quite jealous of you. She let

the guy you killed. He just provoked me. You must be careful

Benedict didn't want to protect Maximilian, he couldn't watch Maximilian get killed. After all, Maximilian still had the antidote,

his eyebrows and sneered, "Don’t bother. If they are willing to

If there is anything I can do, just tell me, and don't treat me as an outsider.

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to the busy tone on the phone, Benedict breathed a

arrange someone to follow Stefan, and report his

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son. This is a blood feud.

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is ready. They are the most elite fighters in our family. They have killed the enemies on the

give the order, we will destroy the whole city and let them

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