Dragon Master

Chapter 465 Chaos at Construction Site

Maximilian, Flora and Canaan left the hospital after watching Sissi and drove back to the company.

Pushing the door into Victoria's office, Victoria who was working, and Maximilian said with a smile, "Dear, are you busy?"

Victoria looked up at Maximilian, then Flora and Canaan behind Maximilian, with a slight suspicion in her heart.

Maximilian went first just now, but why was he with Flora now? And what happened to Canaan? Was Canaan secretly helping Flora to get close to Maximilian so that they could conceal her to have a stealth date?

Victoria came up with countless thoughts in her minds, and gradually became sad.

"You, what are you doing?" Victoria said in a dry voice.

"I just happened to meet Flora and Canaan when I finished my work, so I took them to see Sissi. She recently learned some things bad from the patients in the next ward. We should quickly take her back after the treatment."

"By the way, I think we should find a new house. Recently, I helped Wilfred with a big business. He said he would give me a commission. I am thinking about buying a big house to give Sissi a better environment."

When it came to Sissi, Victoria was immediately attracted.

"It is time to buy a bigger house, and there must be good kindergartens and primary schools, but now good houses are not cheap. Do you have any considerations?" Victoria asked thoughtfully.

Buying a house was a big deal, especially now that the housing price was soaring. It took a lot of money to buy a good house.

seriously. Instead, she thought that the money she saved was not enough to buy a

sat aside, looking at

several high-end residential buildings in City H. If you are interested, I can show you. I will definitely charge

the highest discount, and few people could buy it at the cost price. However, it was really a matter of words for Canaan, as her family had

and said, "Is there a

Maximilian and whispered, "You are going crazy. How much money do you have to buy a house? A villa

is for you

so she didn't stop Maximilian. A luxury home was secondary, as long as she had

and checked the location of the real estate developed by his family on

villa in the suburb, Emerald Garden. It boasts high-end residential buildings. The residents are all elites in City H. There are

you are interested, just go and have a look. You can definitely get it at the cost price." Canaan

searched the Internet for information

see it, and said with a sigh, "Gee, Emerald Garden is the most upscale real estate in City H.

on the top of the mountain is also one of the villas my family owns. It has really top-notch Feng Shui, and the signs of dragon vein really exist. Just stay there for a while, and you can feel refreshed

immediately dismissed her idea at the

I am sure even the cost price is

with a smile, "Don’t think about the price. Let's go and check

could be solved by one phone call. The

the environment over there will definitely satisfy you. Money is not a problem. I will just use my connections."

thinking OK to go and see. If she really couldn’t

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