Dragon Master

Chapter 470 Acting

Darius showed an indifferent expression. He did not care about Gael's threat at all. They were all working for gangdom. He had been frequently threatened before and heard the threat of killing the whole family many times.

Gael felt that he had lost his face in front of Maximilian, so he rushed to Darius directly and kicked his chest. Darius fell to the ground.


With a scream of mourning, Darius looked at Gael with a cruel expression, "Oh, come on, and continue to kick me. If you are capable, just kill me. If you fail, you are a fucking coward."

"You're so arrogant! I have to kill you today! " Gael kicked Darius several times, making him roll on the ground.

Flora pretended to be afraid and immediately hid behind Maximilian, holding his arm tightly with both hands.

"Maximilian, his eyes look terrible." Flora said softly.

Iris glanced at Flora and said with a sneer, "You are so affected. Do you think that if you pretend to be soft and weak, Maximilian will like you? It’s impossible. I have to look after Maximilian for Victoria."

Iris's words were full of threats, and with Victoria's “support”, Iris did not care about Flora at all. She just wondered how to seduce Maximilian.

It was all her fault to offend Maximilian before, so it was hard to flatter him now. She was extremely regretful!

Flora pouted and hated Iris so much secretly. She really wanted to kick Iris to the moon, so that she could not hinder the further development of her relationship with Maximilian.

Canaan lowered his head, looked at his nose, and kept silent like a clay bodhisattva. He did not dare to look or say anything.

Gael stopped when he was tired, wiping the sweat on his forehead, and said, "Mr. Lee, I can't pry this guy's mouth at all."

the fool, you can only threaten him with

Darius at close range. She screamed

terrible. It's scary." Flora

grabbed Flora's hands speechlessly and pulled them away, "If you are afraid, go out and wait. There will be

want to go out. If I go out, I will be afraid. Only when I am with you, will

punch boxers in the training match, he was almost scared to pee, while Flora still watched with

went over angrily and grabbed Flora's arm, taking

blind. You are so affected. Just stay away

took Flora to the door and stared at Flora with her hands rested on her

in her eyes, "Maximilian, she

you dare to stop me. You

coldly, "If you say another word, I will send you away. Keep quietly against

Do you fucking understand?" Iris

was the hardest thing to enter Maximilian’s family, but when she

and diametrically opposed to her! She must find a way to keep Maximilian away from this bitch! Flora pondered quickly on

exhaled deeply and

his hand out. He suddenly pulled his hand hard. However,

can let you live. Otherwise, I will not only kill you, but also break every bone of you,

lie on the bed, unable to move. At that time, he did not know if he could be taken

a second, and soon Darius said firmly, "Oh, don't try to scare me. I

I hope you won’t be

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