Dragon Master

Chapter 471 Listen to you

"Who asked you to come here? What else did you do besides making trouble at the construction site? Tell me all the plans you know." Maximilian asked, staring straightly at Darius.

Darius smiled bitterly, "We were with Master Stevens, he died because of you, so Lear came out of the mountain and called us to find you to revenge for his death."

"He told me to make trouble to draw you out. I don't know other plans. The orders we have are to make trouble for you, and your construction site should not run normally."

Darius didn't know any important plan, which was under Maximilian's expectation, and people like him could only play the role of cannon fodder. There was no possibility for him to be a participant in the core program.

"Who is Lear and where is he now?"

"Lear, Lear is a disciple of the Geomancer Sect. He is a student of Master Stevens. I have heard that he is just an ordinary figure in Geomancer Sect. But to us, he is a figure like an immortal with great skills."

"On the way here, he got a phone call and said an old friend in H City had asked him to meet him there, so he left me on the way. As for who his friend was and where he was, I couldn't know."

Darius was honest and said everything he knew, as it was wise to say what you knew when you surrendered to your enemy.

Gael came up to Maximilian and said, "Mr. Maximilian, let him tell us what he looks like. I'll have my man send the information out. We'll find him soon. Our eyes and ears are all over H City."

Not waiting for Maximilian’s question, Darius said, "Lear dressed in a robe, and he was an extraordinary man, like a real fairy, about 6 feet in height, thin, with three filter whiskers."

Gael silently wrote down the description of Darius, and his mind has sketched out the general image of Lear.

"Mr. Maximilian, I'll send words to my people and let them spread it in the whole city."

Maximilian nodded, acquiesced to Gael's approach, which was at least a way out, although Maximilian thought it was a little far-fetched.

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