Dragon Master

Chapter 472 Shooting

Ghost II and Lear sat in the command vehicle of the Special Service Team, amazed by the advanced command system inside the vehicle.

"Ghost II, you've really got rich. The whole Dragon Sect is like a regular army. You've got a command car. It's really unbelievable." Lear said with surprise, as an old farmer who came to the city from the countryside recently, and everything seemed new to him.

"Is this a thermal imaging? Is this an infrared observation system? All of those are high-tech, and it’s just so amazing."

Ghost II sneered, and thought Lear was out of date.

"The future depends on a strong team, and individual courage has been increasingly weakened. After all, hot weapons have been developed to the extreme. As long as there is enough firepower, even the legendary gods have to surrender."

"I understand what you're saying, but martial arts can still help you build a strong body. It's good for us to live longer. Is your team ready? It's almost time to start the assault. Let's get my men out first."

Lear was concerned about his men. Although most of them were slags, at least they were his subordinates, and he relied on them to make money in the future.

Ghost II picked up the receiver and whispered, "This is Operation Commander Ghost II. Secret Service Team, report in."

"Team one in position."

"Team two in position."

"Team three in position..."

"Team one observation post reports in. What's the situation at the forestry station? Is it ready for a raid?" Ghost II asked in detail.

"It is ready for a surprise attack, but from what I observed, it appears that the prisoners have been released. Commander-in-chief, please receive the video signal and watch the scene."

A nearby operator pressed a button and live image from the observation post appears on the screen.

waved his hand, and then Darius and his men walked out of the station.

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was no ambush, why, why so many gunners come out suddenly? They are so atrocious." Canaan said with a pale face.

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