Dragon Master

Chapter 475 So Strong!

The moment Easton held his pace, sweat as large as soybeans emerged on his the forehead. His right hand smashed by Maximilian hung unnaturally low, his arm quivering.

His hand was shaking due to the bone being shattered by Maximilian's blow, and the tremendous force of Maximilian's blow had damaged Easton's arm muscles.

Strong, too Strong, he was just too strong to be a human.

This was Easton’s evaluation of Maximilian’s strength. Easton regretted to covet a bit of interest and listen to Ghost II’s plan.

After offending someone so strong, Easton regretted and wanted to re-live his life!

The rest of the masters were gathered behind of Easton, because Easton's Kung Fu was the strongest, and they respected him.

But looking at the unnatural appearance of Easton's arm, these masters knew that Easton suffered a serious injury.

"Bro, are you all right?"

"I am good!" Easton gritted his teeth and said.

Some masters kept silence at this moment, but their hearts filled with countless fucks.

Maximilian smiled as he walked to Easton. "Do you know who the grandfather is and who is the grandson now?"

"I know, you are my grandpa, please spare your grandson this time. Your grandson--me, this time is naughty, but I will never do it again!" Easton said, kneeling directly, but admitted it without any hesitation.

As a child born into a poor family, it was not easy for Easton to develop into today's status. He had experienced failure for many times, but after every kneeling, Easton could get more benefits and become stronger. Because Easton knew surviving was the most important truth, and face was only external. Once life was gone, his face couldn’t even wipe his ass.

who prepared to retreat surprised by Easton, as they couldn’t understand that as a big master, why he was so insane to kneel to

doing? Just pretend to be a grandson is enough, but why do you get down on

throwing away your face, my bro, this is

your company. Those who study martial arts do not have such spineless

reprimanded Easton, as all of them felt that they had

backbone? Face, a few cents? If you don't join me, please help yourself, I give my grandfather kneel, and it’s none of your business!" Easton

are really a coward, and we are done at

obsequious face, "Grandpa, it was your grandson's fault just now. I listened to Ghost II

able to succeed

make an example at the moment, so he did not intend to embarrass

those who pretend to be respectable."

to my grandfather's praise, your grandson me has a new heart, and I will definitely treat you well in

spit out, then turned round to be about to

ground, and the rock shot out and hit

kneed down onto the ground, his eyes filled with tears

leg! Maximilian, you son of a bitch! I'm leaving and you're

the ground,

call my grandpa’s names? I'll cut you to death! All of you stand still! My grandpa doesn't tell you to leave. None of you can leave. If anyone is not convinced, you should first ask me, Easton

Maximilian his loyalty, the timing was

frightened by Maximilian, and now plus the defected

you are fucking out of line. We are old acquaintances;

the matter with you? It's none of your business if we want to leave, why do you

They felt that Easton was too ungrateful, leaving them no

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