Dragon Master

Chapter 476 Scram now

Blood was spurting from the back of the head of that master who was running away. The pebble thrown by Maximilian had already killed him.

Easton’s heart was beating with fear. He considered himself lucky to make the most correct choice just now.

The strength of this Maximilian, who was in front of him, was totally beyond Easton’s imagination. He only thought that Maximilian was stronger than any master Easton had met in the first half of his life.

The rest of the masters, who had planned to play tricks, were intimidated by the death of that master.

It was one thing if Maximilian was good at fighting at close quarters, but he was also good at long-range attack with pebbles, which would drive people to despair.

While confronting Maximilian, who was a master of both close combat and long range attack, all masters gave up the idea of playing tricks, thinking that it would be better if they just obeyed Maximilian’s commands.

In the command vehicle, Ghost II was waiting quietly. After five minutes, Lear could hardly retain his composure anymore.

"Ghost II, if you want to go on, then go on. People in your sect haven’t shown up yet. Do you really think I am a fool? It’s foolish of those brainless ones to be treated as cannon fodders by you, but I won’t be your cannon fodder anymore."

Ghost II stared silently at Lear and sneered, "Aren’t you a chick? If you want to leave, just leave. Don’t tell anyone you know me in the future. I don’t know a coward like you."

"Humph! It has nothing to do with guts. I just don’t want to be taken advantage of."

After that, Lear pushed open the car door and got off the command vehicle. After taking a few leaps, he disappeared in the woods.

While in the woods, Lear didn’t just run away. Instead, he dashed towards a huge rock on the hillside, which had long been chosen by him after observation. A moment later, Lear hid behind the rock.

Lear took out a high power camera from his pocket and attached it to this phone. He turned on the video recording mode and watched the commander vehicle’s surroundings from a distance on his phone.

Lear wanted to figure out what sort of game Ghost II was up to, but what he wanted to know more was how powerful Maximilian was on earth.

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