Dragon Master novel Maximilian

Chapter 380 Are you looking for trouble?

Alice put down the phone, looking at her future parents-in-law sitting opposite nervously.

"I've already contacted her. Victoria will definitely be there tomorrow. What's the matter? Why would our betrothal party have shifted to an earlier date so suddenly?"

Brody gently touched Alice with his foot, "Alice, don't ask too much. This is the day set by a hermit."

A trace of doubt flashed in Alice’s eyes. Since her fiancé said so, she felt it inappropriate to make a detailed inquiry.

"Alice, invite all your acquaintances in H City to come. It's a bit hasty tomorrow, but we can still invite more people to make it lively."

Alice nodded and continued to make phone calls.

Brody's parents stood up and went out of the room together. After they muttered a few words, Brody's father sent a text message with his mobile phone.

The text message was delivered at various levels, and finally reached Harley Chang's mobile phone.

After reading the text message, Harley whistled and raised his eyebrows, "Let's get prepared. Maximilian must die tomorrow."

"Yes sir." Harley's men went into action. they arranged all kinds of things needed at the engagement banquet, and make final preparations for tomorrow's plan.

The next day at noon.

A red arch was set up at the entrance of Harbor Seafood. Huge photos of Alice and Brody were hung around. The celebration of their engagement were displaying on the huge LED screen.

Many guests who came were at the front desk for registration, and then went to the banquet hall.

Alice and Brody stood in the lobby of the hotel to greet the guests. Seeing that most of them were strangers, Alice was confused.

met these people? It’s our betrothal party.

custom. Don't think too much. Receive the

pointed to the direction of the door, seeing Victoria

but she was just above average. When compared with Victoria, who was such a perfect beauty,

plainly, but accompanied by a beautiful woman, any

out the prepared red packet, and then wrote down her name on


are finally here, I miss you

with a smile, "I haven't seen you for a long time. Are you excited

engaged, not a bride yet, is this Maximilian?" Alice looked at

Maximilian's cowardice. This

husband, Maximilian. Are

own. Victoria, if you need decoration in the

on Victoria, and he was

Brody frowned slightly and was dissatisfied with Maximilian’s action. It was

he saw two people over there, and his eyes suddenly

the men arranged by Harley to assassinate Maximilian. Although he only met them once, he knew their

and greet them." Brody said, and

at the two men and didn’t take notice. He

the two men and said in a low voice, "Dexter, Holmes, that is Maximilian. He

and said with a smile, "Alice, this is Dexter and this is Holmes. They are important clients of my company. They have a lot of contacts in the real estate

quickly shook hands with them while smiling, "Thank you, Dexter and Holmes for coming to our betrothal party. It is our great honor to

common progress.

squinted at Maximilian, and then looked at Victoria with

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