Dragon Master novel Maximilian

Chapter 4 Maximilian, You are Actually...

The Lee family? Everyone in Griffith's family looked suspicious, confused for a moment.

What was the Lewis family?

“Mr. Edwin, this Lewis family...”

Samuel slightly showed a smile. He had understood from the words of the Griffith family’s descendants just now.

The fact that this Lewis family sent so many expensive medical equipment and drugs was enough to show the status and strength of this Lewis family, which the Griffith family was in no way comparable to.

Mr. Edwin only smiled slightly, looking at Maximilian, and said,

“I'm just here to deliver something. I don’t know anything else.”

With that, he left the ward.

For a moment, the ward was silent.

“Who the hell is this Lewis family? Why did he send these things here? Does anyone of you know this Lewis family?”°Samuel inquired.

The children and grandchildren of the Griffith family all shook their heads.

“Grandpa, is it Maximilian?"Franklin laughed ungracefully at this moment, his eyes mocking.


Everyone turned to Maximilian, who was standing on one side.

Huh. How could it be him? A notorious wimp who had disgraced the Griffith family in H City would not have such strength.

“Franklin, don't be ridiculous. We all know clearly about Maximilian. He is completely a wimp.”

Laura, the mother-in-law, scoffed twice.

She looked down upon Maximilian and didn’t know why her daughter was into him before.

“Well, you guys should ask around for the new Lewis family in H City.”

Samuel said.

“Victoria, do you know someone who is so rich and influential?”

At this moment, Iris, the daughter of the third wife of Mr. Griffith, said with a wry smile at the side.

She looked down upon Victoria, who was her cousin and was favored over herself in the Griffith family before.

Growing up, Victoria had a good reputation in H City, and was also named the most beautiful goddess in H City, with the reputation of being the first of the four golden flowers in H City.

All of that, however, ended when she married a wimp.

As soon as Iris said these words, the Griffiths all looked at Victoria and Maximilian teasingly. Did she betray him?

This strange look made Victoria uncomfortable. She immediately said with a cold face,

“Iris, don't talk nonsense. I never heard of any Lewis family!”

As she said this, she also glanced at Maximilian, who was silent at one side.

Could it be him?

If it was him, why should he let her suffer grievance for four years?

“Well, stop it.”

Samuel interrupted the discussion. His gaze fell on Maximilian, and he said in a deep voice,

“Divorce agreement, sign it!”

“I won't sign it.”

Maximilian immediately refused and said,

“I've borrowed the money, and use my bone marrow to cure Sissi.”


coldly twice and

you borrow the money? The dean of this hospital is a friend of mine and he won't use your bone marrow if I say

couldn't believe that Maximilian wanted to use his humble bone marrow to

No way!

words, Maximilian’s heart

is my daughter. Why don’t you


her arms

it wasn’t him, her own position in the

that's right. Maximilian, who are you? You're just a dog, and you have no right to match the bone marrow for Sissi. If you are

he can use your bone marrow,

this hospital says he can use your bone marrow, I, Samuel,

possible? Samuel had talked about

Jackson Shaw was another good friend of

harder than ever for Maximilian to get a bone marrow match for

She stared at Maximilian with resentment, went up and slapped him across

are you so

anger, turned around, covering her face, and

slightly red after her slap. He looked

that moment, two doctors in white coats walked in at the door of

Dean Jackson, what brings you here? Do you come specially to see

standing at the door, he immediately extended his

friend, in fact, Samuel still had

all, Jackson had a great

and tycoons had seen a doctor at Jackson's hospital and had

the medical community, he specialized in leukemia and enjoyed

of ten people, have to show

he still had to be very respectful

was about fifty or sixty years old had the Dean's nameplate on his chest. He first scanned the ward and

welcome, Samuel, I’ve come to tell you

can just let me know directly from the nurse if you want to say something. You don’t need to make a trip yourself.”

Maximilian. He took a few steps forward, shook off Samuel's hand, and respectfully said

Maximilian, right? I’m Jackson Shaw, the dean

handed out his hands.Maximilian

had received a

from the consortium behind the

and Jackson Shaw must follow

gentleman was none other than the

that, which showed the fact that Maximilian was definitely not a wimp according to


particular, couldn't believe his eyes at all. What was

to a wimp and shook with both

are you doing? Why are you being so polite

Samuel asked with suspicion.

a live-in son-in-law of the Griffith family, so you don't need to be sopolite to

son-in-law is just a poor man, why are you so

immediately pointed at Maximilian

you doing? Why you don't hurry up and say hello when you see Dean Jackson? Are you still waiting for someone to shake your hand, a wimp’s


you talk to

word “wimp”. Do you

coughed, interrupting Jackson's words, reaching out, pulling Jackson with a

Jackson, how

head to look at him and knew something in Maximilian’s

don't worry. We will definitely do our

Maximilian didn’t want to


away Maximilian’s grip on Jackson's hand and

no right

so furious that his eyes were wide open

be a great honor for

woman probably didn’t know who

and thought he was angry

don't be angry. He's just a piece of shit,

his head, and said

I'm here to inform you that bone marrow from the closest relative is the

these words were spoken, both Samuel and the

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