Drenched in Love

Chapter 47 Hope was Dead

The man bent down to take off Sophia's pants. To make her work easier, Sophia had been wearing short sleeves and pants for the past month.

Sophia kicked at random and retreated back.

The man's eyes turned red as he looked at her. Grabbing her two tender feet to drag her, "I will see where you can run!"

"Help! Help! Is anyone here? Help!" Sophia shouted. She struggled to get up and tried to get away as hard as she could, but as she got up, the man kicked her to the ground again.

"There is no use of screaming! This is the men's room. You come here to see the man go to the toilet, to see the man's penis, aren’t you ashamed to scream! Do you want someone to see your jokes?"

The man laughed and laughed more happily, looking at Sophia struggling on the ground. He pulled out his phone and took two pictures.

"Take two pictures of you dressed. I'll undress you, and then take two pictures of you naked."

Laughing, the man step by step approached, bent over and was to take off Sophia's clothes.

Sophia frowned, and then noticed the small cabinet, where she had placed the bucket. She caught hold of the wall beside her and sprang to her feet. She rushed into the small cabinet, took out the bucket, and threw it on the man's head.

She moved too fast for the man to notice, so she made it.

Sophia took advantage of this moment of time to escape.

The staff of PR department was gone and the whole floor was empty. Sophia had two ways to go out. One was to take the stairs, the other was to take the elevator. Sophia first rushed to the elevator, but the elevator was going down. It had reached the ninth floor, so she decided to wait for a moment.

Just then, Sophia saw the man running out of the toilet.

The man was extremely angry now. Sophia knew if she was caught again, the consequence must be worse. She kept pressing the elevator button, hoping the doors would open quickly.

her feet and rushed in with the fastest speed, and

in the smaller and smaller gap, Sophia saw


frowned, constantly pressing

hand suddenly reached behind her

and did not take a look at the elevator. She thought there was no on, and now suddenly a

trembled, turned around, and saw Stephen's face which was like

"Mr. Berry."

the man

Sophia and pulled

doing?! Let me

tightly and looked at Stephen,

your girlfriend! I don't even

I go to

so the man’s breath was on

saw that man got his face close

down and reached the fourth floor. Thinking that no one

ask him for help. But he hated her so much. The only thing he wanted

she had severe stomachache, she had begged him once, but she was kicked off the car. After that, in a side alley, a dozen thugs were waiting there and

just wanted Austin to save her and then sleep with

too stupid, so he used that stupid trick. If it were not Vincent, she should have been raped. Sophia always thought that night

this man should also be

layer. When she reached the lobby on the first floor, she could have called security for help. If she reached the underground parking, no

"Mr. Berry..."

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