Drenched in Love

Chapter 48 Go Wash My Pants

After finishing all this, Stephen looked at the trouser that the man had caught. He frowned and turned around.

Sophia was shocked and looked at the man lying motionless on the ground, and had not realized what had happened.

Stephen went to the car, turned to Sophia and said with impatient tone, “What are you doing here? Be home by 9pm, or you'll spend the night out! And..."

Stephen opened the door and continued, “Go wash my pants!"

Stephen drove the Bentley out of the underground parking lot. Sophia then understood that Stephen had just saved her!

That night, Sophia washed Stephen's pants when she was back. But it was the happiest thing she had done since she came to the villa.

When Stephen finished his work and walked out from the study, he saw Sophia waiting at the door. He frowned, “What are you doing here? Is the work done?"

After signing the contract with Sophia, he fired all the servants to make Sophia do all the work.

Sophia looked at Stephen and said, “Mr. Berry, I am here to thank you. Then I will go to work. Mr. Berry, thank you."

No matter who arranged it, Stephen saved her, which was the fact.

Stephen raised his eyebrows and walked away without a word.

It was not arranged by him. He happened to be there. As for helping Sophia...Stephen looked down at his palm.

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to check the traces of Vincent for a few days. Finally she was free one day and drove to the door of Vincent.

Sophia followed behind.

Sophia frowned: Where was he going on? After a while, he turned into a side road.

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airport, the Porsche stopped and he got off, followed by a young man. Seeing that figure, Sophia could

got out of the car. She shouted while shouting,

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to Vincent, “Vincent, stop her!

Sophia patted him, “Vincent, if you stop me, I will

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for me! Wait for me! Calvin! I'm

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could finish her words, Calvin suddenly raised his hand to shake off Sophia's hands. Sophia staggered back two steps and

Why are you doing this to me? Why didn't you see me?" According to this case, that day at the door of the Adams Group, she did see

that and then rebuked, “Why? Sophia Carter,

“Why? Because

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