Drenched in Love

Chapter 49 Why was I in Prison

A soft, elegant female voice was heard over the public address system at the airport, informing passengers to begin boarding. Calvin took a look at Sophia, shook off her hand, greeted with Vincent, and turned to leave.

Sophia sat on the ground, looking at Calvin left with a pale face.

Vincent held her up, “Sophia, Come on. Calvin was impulsive, don’t take it seriously. What happened to your mother is none of your business."

Sophia nodded and then walked out like a walking dead with the support of Vincent. After two steps, Sophia suddenly pushed Vincent away and ran out.

"Sophia!” Vincent immediately went after her.

Sophia did not go anywhere else but to the ST cemetery. She wanted to see what Calvin said was true. In fact, she thought: Calvin must tell a joke! Her mother had told her when she was in prison that she should behave well in prison and that when she came out in five years, she would come and pick her up.

Running too fast, Sophia stumbled, fell to the ground and got her foot sprained. Sophia ignored the pain in the foot, got up and continued to run.

Vincent drove to follow her. Seeing that she was limping, he stretched out his hand to embrace her.

"What are you doing, Vincent?!" Sophia's eyes were fierce and severe. At this time she was like a evil spirit.

Vincent had palpitations in his heart and picked her up in his arms, “It is impossible for you to get there till morning if you run to cemetery. I'll drive you there!"

Vincent drove fast. Originally it was more than two hours of journey, but he

there was cool breeze, which

the door and got off. She

was the largest cemetery in ST, and almost all the people who died in ST were buried here. Sophia did not know which tombstone belonged to her mother, so she started

she did not see her mother’s tombstone

quickly. One by one, when she found it, she would be very tired and had no energy

cemetery, Sophia looked for it

it was completely dark, and the cemetery could not be seen at a little distance. Sophia still did not give up

time, Sophia lost one of her shoes and got her broken, exposing

from that tombstone got closer and closer. Vincent stopped and looked at her quietly. Sure enough, Sophia stopped and knelt in front of a tombstone, a moment later,


Didn't you promise to accompany me on a trip

the tombstone,

tombstone with more force. Soon, her

“Sophia, things have been like this, don't be too sad." Vincent looked at Sophia. He deliberately suppressed his fear, not to look at

do you mean? How did my Mom die? Vincent, tell

almost pinched into his flesh and then he raised his head to look at her, “Sophia, it was an

hadn't gone to jail, how could this happen to my mother?! It was my fault! It was my fault!, Calvin was right, I made my Mom

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