When Melinda returned to the Gu's mansion in the cold of the morning, she noticed Jonas sitting on the sofa like a stone-cold statue, quietly watching her go upstairs. They never spoke of what transpired the night before.

It was almost as if the incident at the banquet had never happened. Everything seemed normal, accept Yulia would deliberately ignore her every time they'd see each other. However, Melinda didn't care about it as much because God had given her bigger problems at the moment.

Melinda found out that she was pregnant.

She only found out that she was pregnant on the night of the banquet when she made an excuse to get rid of Mr. Wang and went to a hospital for a check-up. When she came to learn the truth, Melinda went back to the Gu's mansion on foot, as if the sky had collapsed on her head and the end of the world had come.

Melinda didn't even know whether she would be able to keep the baby or not. Lately, she had been taking a lot of medicines because of the abdominal pain. Sadly, there wasn't a single person in the entire mansion that she could talk to about this. She desperately wanted to talk to her parents, but every time the call would go through she would either hang up or avoid mentioning her pregnancy at all.

Nevertheless, she couldn't keep ignoring this baby. Despite her best efforts to have a discussion with him, Jonas gave her no chance as he hadn't returned to the Gu's mansion in many days. Whatever reasons Jonas might have had for not coming back home, Yulia deduced that it must have had something to do with Melinda, even though she didn't know what it was exactly.

One day, when Melinda saw the beautiful face of a woman on an LED screen on top of a building, she came up with a rather ridiculous idea.

Melinda felt wronged by Yulia's baseless accusations as it wasn't her fault that Jonas refused to come home, it was the fault of the person on the LED screen.

Standing hesitantly at the door of the company, Melinda clutched at her abdomen, feeling a slight tinge of pain. With a vacuum flask in her hand, she finally strode in.

When the receptionist politely stopped her at the front desk, Melinda was not angry. However, tiny beads of cold sweat began to seep in from her forehead because of the pain and she leaned against the wall with great difficulty.

Melinda lowered her head, deliberately averting the curious eyes of the employees around her. She wasn't certain whether she had seen it right, but it seemed as though their eyes conveyed sympathy and pity towards her.


receptionist called her "Miss Mo", Melinda didn't show any signs of anger. However, she could see it clearly in their

door open, but she was stunned before she even entered the office. She had only been inside his office a few times, mainly because she knew that Jonas didn't like

dreading to see. The woman looked at Melinda with a playful glint

her, isolating the outside world from this office. The atmosphere inside

of her movements and the way she smiled attracted people's attention towards her. A few years ago when Melinda and Jonas got married,

she had been

at me like that?" Her voice was as sweet as honey with a spicy hint of sarcasm in

had a surprised look on her face and she

do on TV. Please

Jonas. Sitting next to the beautiful woman, Jonas cast a cold glance at the

why he didn't want her there, but she didn't take it to


that Jonas never even had a spoonful of the food she'd cooked.

failed to realize that

averted his eyes and focused his attention towards the papers in

"I see. Anything else?"

She sighed helplessly, thinking that perhaps he wanted her to leave because he didn't want her presence

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