Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 7 Nelson's Birthday Party

Melinda was sitting in the car. Her cold eyes peered through the window. The street was bustling with traffic and people.

"Mr. Gu is held up with work and has asked me to take you to the mansion," the driver said respectfully as he looked at Melinda through the rear-view mirror. He knew that she was despised in the Gu family.

Melinda's skin was pale and colorless. She was thin and her bones were sticking out. Her droopy eyelids had a gentleness to them.

She didn't respond. The driver felt that Melinda was hard to get along with and decided not to interact with her.

An array of luxury cars were parked in front of the Gu's mansion. The villa was illuminated by bright lights. Although Nelson was not interested in an ostentatious birthday party, the Gu's mansion was looking extravagant.

Everyone in A City knew that almost all the members of the Gu family disliked Jonas's wife. All eyes were on Melinda when she walked in. The crowd was buzzing with rumors about her.

However, Melinda ignored them, walked to Nelson, and smiled at him.

"Good girl! I'm happy that you're here. Where is Jonas? Why didn't you two come together?" Nelson was fond of Melinda. He liked his granddaughter-in-law more than anyone else. Even his grandchildren faded in comparison to her.

Nelson was old and couldn't walk without support. So Melinda held his arm carefully and guided him through the hallway.

"Jonas will arrive soon. Grandpa, please wait for a moment," Melinda said as she shifted her weight from one foot to another and held him tightly.

"Grandpa, how would she know? My brother doesn't tell her anything," Yulia said maliciously.

"What are you talking about? Melinda is his wife. Who would know Jonas better than she does?" Nelson complained.

Yulia opened her mouth, but Melinda glared at her. She swallowed her words and turned away. She remembered how ruthless Melinda had been to her.

Jonas attended the party late in the afternoon. He was wearing a well-fitted gray suit that complemented his skin tone. His magnetic looks attracted everyone's attention. There was a restless murmur from the crowd when they saw the woman who was walking hand in hand with Jonas. It was the famous actress Emily. She was the most popular movie queen in the entertainment circle.

Emily was also wearing a gray dress that clung onto her body perfectly and accentuated her features. Her flawless, milky skin was dazzling under the lights. The two of them were like a golden couple.

Yulia smirked and looked at Melinda but she was disappointed to see the indifference in her face. Melinda had completely ignored them. Jonas and Emily seemed to seize everyone's attention except Melinda's.

The two of them walked to Nelson who greeted them with a sullen face. Nelson cast a cold glance at Emily and turned away.

Emily flustered with embarrassment as Nelson ignored her. She bowed respectfully and hid behind Jonas.

"Grandpa!" Emily croaked.

your grandfather." Nelson turned to look at Melinda and patted on her shoulder comfortingly. "Melinda, let's go and see

smiled gratefully and held Nelson's arm. She walked past Jonas without turning to look

had lost his mind when he found that Melinda was close with Kent.

but it was difficult to shut the mouths of people who were mocking her. Everyone, but Nelson was aware of how

herself and went to the bathroom to avoid the people who

with a towel, Melinda walked out of the bathroom. Her lungs constricted when she saw Emily walk into the bathroom. She stopped and

Bai, I'm sure you're familiar with this mansion. This isn't the guest

and the bathroom were not far from each other, but it was not easy for an outsider to find the bathroom.

was leaning against the wall as she looked at her slender fingers and manicured

Jonas always liked to secretly chat with me

faint smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Jonas didn't want

are you here

smirked at Melinda

you wanted to divorce Jonas." She leaned

Melinda sneered with disgust.

are well-informed. I'm sure you also know that your boyfriend hasn't

can help you," Emily said in a husky voice that was coated with

raked across Emily's face.

are you going to help

took a step back

"If that's the case..."

the floor with a loud bang. Everyone in the hall turned around to see what was going on. Emily took the opportunity and decided to fall on the broken porcelain and blame

plan, Melinda grasped

Thank you very much," she

what was going on. She felt a

swarmed around Melinda and were shooting accusatory glances at Emily. Emily's heart was drumming in her chest and that was when she saw her savior run towards her, breaking through the

scared the heck out of me..." Emily

pushed her away and looked at Melinda who was lying on a pool of blood. The porcelain

helpless and ordered his

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