"Why don't you want to arrange someone else? Should I not look after you?"

Yulia's face had turned red with rage. Melinda treated her like a servant, and now she was helping a servant to defeat her. What else was she capable of doing?

"You are doing all this only to win grandfather's heart. Moreover, you said that yourself. They're your words, not mine. I'm still young and I can take care of myself. I'd rather die, than get help from you." Melinda's words annoyed Yulia and she was shaking with fury. She couldn't suppress her anger anymore.

"Shame on you, Melinda!" Yulia bellowed.

She quickly shut her mouth when she realized what she had done. Her good reputation that she had worked hard to build would crumble in an instant, if her grandfather found out that she had fought with Melinda. Yulia felt that Melinda had provoked her on purpose.

Melinda glanced at Yulia who was staring at her with undisguised hatred.

"Well, that's your problem. I'm not ashamed of myself. Don't you dare yell at me again! I'm not a cripple. I can take care of myself," Melinda said.

Yulia glared at her before she turned her heels and walked away. She didn't want to argue with her anymore.

Melinda had a peaceful stay at the Gu's mansion as Yulia was in her limits. It had been a couple of days since she had seen Jonas. Although Melinda was a bit disappointed, she was more determined than ever to divorce him.

It was dinner time. Melinda had been staying in the room all day, so she decided to go down for dinner. Nelson was there and he praised Yulia for taking care of Melinda.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry for making you worry about me." Melinda smiled apologetically. In the entire Gu family, it was only Nelson who genuinely cared for her.

"Silly girl, we're family and you're like my granddaughter. You don't have to apologize for anything," Nelson said, as if his words had a hidden meaning. Melinda was smart enough to grasp it, so she just smiled without uttering a word.

Jonas was a stubborn man. He wouldn't change his mind easily even if Nelson tried to restrain him.

No one dared to say anything about Melinda as Nelson was around. But Jonas refused to come back and have dinner with his family. Nelson lamented about it for a long time and finally went back to his room after dinner.

"You know what? I admire you for having the courage to stay back after what has happened. You've somehow managed to stop my brother from coming home. He has gone shopping with Emily,"

Since Nelson had gone back to his room, Yulia tried provoking her. But Melinda shrugged casually and looked at her. "So, you agree that your brother is a cheater?"

"My brother and Emily are meant to be together. You are the shameless bitch that has come to ruin his life.

You and my brother have been married for five years. Have you guys ever gone shopping together? No, because my brother fucking hates you. Even the wedding ring was customized by my grandfather. Melinda, you are just a pathetic woman. So stop sassing around," Yulia said, smirking at her. She was trying to provoke her but Melinda was unfazed by her hurtful words.

of years ago, Melinda would have been heartbroken. But now, she had made

brother is up to. Whether you like me or not, I'm still your sister-in-law and you've gotten no choice but to respect me. Moreover, everyone knows that you're the illegitimate child and no one gives a shit about what you say. Yulia, I've warned you to stay away from me. Stop embarrassing yourself." Melinda patted Yulia's

Yulia couldn't

as she walked to her room. Once Melinda was out of sight,

thought that Yulia wouldn't do

the hall downstairs.

the servants were present. Yulia was standing in the

it is?" Yulia roared. Melinda knitted her eyebrows and stepped forward to see who she was talking to. It was the nanny. She was shaking her head fiercely as tears streamed

Melinda asked but no one

family, so her presence

"Miss Yulia's bracelet

any evidence to prove that the nanny has taken her bracelet?" Melinda asked. The butler shook his head. Although there was no evidence to support Yulia's statement, the servants wouldn't dare to speak against her. Moreover,

can ask Gavin to search for the bracelet later." Melinda was worried that Nelson would be

the nanny works for you. If I don't deal with her now, you'll send her off tomorrow. How will I find my bracelet?" Yulia

servants knew that Melinda and Yulia's never ending fight, so they

take it," the nanny said. Melinda had always been kind to her and the

disappear? No one has walked into my room other than

She and the nanny had been taking care of Melinda and the nanny had walked into her

walked in. Melinda frowned when she heard his voice and went back to her

quickly dispersed when they saw Jonas. Yulia explained everything to him as she

and see where her bracelet is," Jonas

cast a

of the

early and returning late to avoid Melinda. His work was draining all his energy and Emily

Melinda for marrying him for his wealth, he couldn't

Melinda's face. He wasn't ready to divorce her

hall finally became silent. The crystal chandelier was emitting a

sofa but quickly jumped up when he felt something hard poke his back. He

a close look at

his eyes, picked the bracelet, and went to Yulia's room. The room was empty as Yulia

the bracelet on Yulia's dressing

When he went to Yulia's room he

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