Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 12 Not Her Mr. Right

It was his grandfather's decision. Jonas trusted his grandfather, so he didn't dare to oppose it anymore.

Melinda had been recuperating from her injuries. Since her wounds were severe, the doctor suggested her to undergo a minor surgery. So Melinda was shifted to the hospital at night and Jonas had accompanied her.

The reporters were fast enough to capture pictures of Jonas and Melinda in the hospital. They had received the information about Melinda's surgery and had been following them all night in order to take pictures at the right time. Since pictures spoke a thousand words, the news about the couple spread like a wildfire.

While there were people who questioned their relationship, many of them believed that Jonas was a doting husband who cared for his wife. They believed that he was still in love with Melinda.

Nelson was glad to see Jonas taking care of her. Melinda was shocked by his behavior. Jonas wouldn't care even if it was a risky surgery. She couldn't help but wonder why Jonas was willing to be by her side when it was nothing big.

Melinda stole glances from time to time, which irked Jonas. If not for his grandfather, he wouldn't have bothered coming to the hospital.

Holley was sipping on a glass of wine when she saw the news gushing about Jonas and Melinda. Many of them had reported that Jonas was a loving husband and that Jonas and Melinda were couple goals. Holley became furious and smashed the glass that she was holding in her hand. She needed to do something about it, or Jonas and Melinda would end up being the talk of the town. She picked her phone and sent an anonymous email to the entertainment department. She had attached an intimate picture of her and Jonas in the mail.

Keeping Melinda's privacy in mind, the doctors had allocated a VIP ward for her. Her family members were also given separate beds to rest. Jonas's expression instantly changed when the door was closed.

"Don't think that I'm staying here because I worry about you. I don't give a damn even if you die," Jonas said coldly.

He instantly felt uncomfortable because part of him knew that he didn't mean it. He couldn't understand what was going on.

"Don't worry, I know that I don't have a place in your heart. I'm not flattered," Melinda replied.

Jonas glanced at her and said nothing.

It was a long day and Melinda was exhausted.

For the first few years of her marriage, she tried hard to stay up when Jonas was at home, but now she could ignore her indifferent husband. Her eyes became heavy and she drifted into a deep sleep.

Jonas had been busy lately so he closed his eyes to get some rest. He didn't know that he had fallen asleep until his phone blared in his pocket. He slowly opened his eyes and attended the call.

"Mr. Gu, check out the latest entertainment news."

Although the secretary was calm, Jonas could sense a trace of fear in his voice. The secretary was shocked by the news and felt that he needed to inform Jonas about it.

the link, it led him to a new page that revealed an intimate picture of him and Holley. The

husband that he had tried hard

long time before he turned to look

oversized hospital gown. She shifted in her sleep and her frail arm fell out

quietly. The image of him tucking Melinda in flashed in his mind. He didn't know why he did that. Jonas couldn't understand what he was feeling. He had been acting

capture the pictures of Jonas leaving the hospital, early in the morning. They had slandered his reputation,

a press

eagerly waiting to hear what Jonas was going to say. But many of them were disappointed because they needed an invite to enter the Soaring Group, which meant only trustworthy media

The press conference will commence at half past ten," the secretary said.

right. I want you to wait by the entrance and keep an eye on the reporters. Don't let anyone enter without the invite. I don't want any anonymous reporter to walk in. Do you get it?" Jonas ordered. The media looked for every possible way to find juicy gossips. It


in detail about how Jonas needed to address the questions, even though he didn't need it. Jonas was quick-witted and he always had spontaneous

were waiting for him. Jonas arrived on time and surveyed the conference hall. Everything was

were throwing questions at Jonas but were left speechless

intimate photo of you two last night? You are a married man. How do you think your wife would react when she finds out that you are having an affair with

secretary's eyes widened with shock. The reporter was perhaps uninvited and he had failed to notice

all know how the entertainment industry works. I don't have to tell you about it. There are people who resort to cheap techniques to increase their viewership. I don't know who is behind all this,

by Jonas's blunt answers. He thought that powerful men feared reporters'

proven that the photos were not morphed. Moreover, I feel that you're deviating the

illusion created by the camera

to their advantage. Therefore, the press

The reporters were glad because they could spin their own story based on their

I didn't know that the company would take photos. What

the phone so as to not give him the benefit of doubt. But Jonas was not in the mood to talk with her so he

the entertainment news than the financial news. Therefore, he was quick to find out about the gossip. He was mad at Jonas

and arrived at the hospital on time. Anger rose from the pit of his stomach when he saw

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mere sight of Kent. He still remembered

apart. Kent was a kind man with gentle features. He was cordial and made everyone feel

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