Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 13 Pretend To Be In Love

Kent's words were ringing in Melinda's ears. Her life had entirely changed after getting married to Jonas. Her love, happiness, joy, and fears had disappeared in these five years. She had turned completely numb.

She was once naive enough to believe that Jonas was the one for her.

But reality had hit her hard to the core, waking her from the happy bubble she was in.

Melinda tried remembering the love she had for Jonas but she could only recall the days where she had cried herself to sleep.

"Mrs. Gu, it's time to take your medicines," the nurse said, snapping Melinda from the reverie. She smiled sheepishly and took the medicine.

"When will I be discharged?"

"Your body is responding well. You're much better now. But you still need to ask the doctor about it."

Melinda felt that she had recovered. There were a lot of things that she needed to attend to. She felt that she could rest at home. It was mentally draining to stay in the hospital all day long.

Nelson visited her from time to time. When Melinda had fully recovered and was ready to go back home, Nelson had come to pick her up.

"Grandpa, why did you come all the way? You could have sent one of the servants."

Melinda was touched by Nelson's sweet gesture. He was old and didn't have to pick her up, but he had always been fond of Melinda and showered her with love. He was the only person Melinda was loath to part with in the Gu family.

"You're my sweet granddaughter-in-law and I've come to take you home. Are you ready to leave?" Nelson patted her head and smiled. He had personally come to pick her up because he wanted everyone to know how much he cared for her.

Melinda wanted to go back to her place but Nelson had changed her plan. She couldn't disagree with him, so she left for the Gu's mansion.

"Before you go back to your room, can you pop into the study for a minute?" Nelson asked when they were home.

The servant grabbed Melinda's belongings and carried it to her room. Melinda nodded and followed Nelson. The furnishing, painting, and lighting of the study emanated an ancient aura.

"Grandpa, is there anything you want to tell me?" Melinda asked, breaking the silence.

Nelson closed his eyes and sighed, "My child, I was responsible for your marriage. It was I who asked you to marry Jonas so that you could live happily with him. But I didn't expect our family would be responsible for your pain and suffering. The guilt is consuming me every day." He smiled sadly.

"Grandpa, it's not your fault. You are the only comfort in this lonely house. You've always been kind to me."

Melinda held Nelson's hands and smiled. Her eyes were sparkling with sincerity and Nelson knew that the words were straight from her heart.

"I'm being a selfish man again. I wanted to ask if you could help Jonas," Nelson said hopefully.

he was seeking help from Melinda. She was

to help

she was a common girl. Jonas could get away with any problem and Melinda wondered what

events were distressing. He couldn't help but worry about his grandson's

intently. Once Nelson finished talking, Melinda plopped on a chair, and blew out a loud breath. "Grandpa, even if I agree

would refuse to accept her help. But her thoughts wandered

you're ready to help him, I will take care

was happy that Melinda had immediately agreed without any persuasion. He always knew that she was a good

don't mind helping him if Jonas doesn't have a problem

putting on a happy face, pretending to be in a happy marriage when she was dying inside. But it was a little

with an apology note for not picking her from the hospital. Melinda didn't know what had caused the sudden change in him. But she had a feeling that Nelson

turned to look at Jonas. His cold eyes were

Jonas has the day off tomorrow. I think you

was happy to see them get



of them agreed. Dating wasn't a special occasion for them. It was just an act to make people believe that

everything accordingly. The two of

at a posh hotel. Then they went to a sporting club

the cameras were constantly flashing at them. The entertainment column was filled with the news

roped in a new segment that

as she had been smiling the entire day. She envied Jonas's resting cold face. That was how

the news. The romantic date of the couple had become the talk of the town. Melinda had yet again destroyed her plans. Holley had managed to earn the support of big shots in the industry because of the rumor. But they all seemed to ignore her

"Damn it!"

Jonas hated Melinda and all of this was an act. But she still couldn't hear people raving about

contacts. Her fingers stopped when she

Jonas and Melinda. Take pictures of them quarreling with each other. Remember, they won't fight in open spaces. Keep an eye on them when they are by themselves. Do you understand? I will pay you as usual." There was no answer from the other end. She disconnected the call and saw

Nelson had ordered them to stay out until midnight.

She was feeling awkward and didn't know what

when Jonas picked a dress for her. It was a light purple cheongsam dress

patterns were

had a good taste for clothes. It was unlikely of him to get something for Melinda. But the two of them had been trying hard to make people believe that they were a happy couple, so Melinda thought that

on her. Small tendrils of hair cascaded around her long neck, making her look like

in his throat and his eyes widened with surprise. He immediately ordered the

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