Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 15 Taking Photos

"What do you mean? Do you think I can't afford it?" Yulia bellowed.

Melinda sighed with frustration. She had tried hard to coax the people to limit the damage and Yulia had ruined everything by offending a popular designer like Joey.

"You're important to us and we wanted to give you a discount as a token of our appreciation." The situation was getting out of hand and the manager walked out and offered an explanation, but Yulia didn't bother to shut up.

"I just wanted to try the clothes on. Why are you making a fuss about it? You will soon go bankrupt if you don't fulfil the needs of your customers," she said, glaring at the manager.

Yulia was humiliating herself and Melinda knew that it was because she felt that she was looked down upon.

Melinda had tried hard saving her, but Yulia was stupid and was digging her own grave.

"Yulia, behave yourself. Otherwise, Grandpa will ground you and you won't be able to step out of the house." Melinda pulled Yulia's arms and warned. Yulia immediately became quiet.

"I apologize to you on behalf of her. Everyone loves Joey's work and I'm honored to receive this offer, but I feel his work is worth the price. You don't have to give us a discount." Melinda smiled sweetly.

Yulia's words were capable of destroying the reputation of the Gu family. Therefore, Melinda had no choice but to stand up for Yulia. Otherwise, she had no intention of clearing up the mess for her.

Yulia had no interest in shopping and Melinda didn't buy anything either. So, the two of them went home empty-handed. Yulia was still angry. Melinda had yet again managed to win the hearts of people.

"Mrs. Gu, are you all right?" the butler asked concernedly.

Yulia's scandal and behavior in the shopping mall had been exposed on the internet.

The Gu family was yet again the talk of the town. Joey had a crazy fan following and his fans were offended by Yulia's remarks.

"What's wrong?" Melinda asked when she saw the apprehensive look on the butler's face.

The butler explained everything in detail. Panic flashed across Yulia's face as she picked her phone to check the news.

She had finally become popular this time, but not in a good way. People were trashing and abusing her in the comment section, while everyone appreciated Melinda for her dignity and grace. Yulia's anger spiked up in an instant.

"Does he know about this?" Melinda asked. The butler understood that she was referring to Jonas. The news about Yulia could tarnish the reputation of Soaring Group.

The butler nodded.

Although the PR department of Soaring Group handled the matter well, the netizens didn't seem to rest. The comment section continued to flood with hate comments and Yulia didn't dare to step out of the house.

Melinda had left the house twice. The reporters had followed her and posted her pictures on the internet. Melinda seemed to have developed a new fan base. People started seeing her as a role model after she handled the situation in the mall with dignity.

Holley had been following the news and was determined to destroy Melinda. She had managed to find Yulia's number, so she picked up her phone and called her.

Yulia answered the phone, Holley didn't bother introducing herself. "Do you

was evident in her voice. "Yes," she answered immediately

rise from the pit of Yulia's stomach. Melinda was her biggest enemy. Everyone hated

Holley cackled loudly.

hair on the back of Yulia's neck stand

do. You will

Yulia. She wanted

on earth are

help you drive Melinda out of the Gu family. Are you interested in working with

next move. So it was impossible for her to penetrate into the depths of their family to deal with Melinda.

Yulia agreed without

fighting against Melinda single-handedly. It would be

adores her. She is under full protection at all times. It's impossible

and Nelson would never forgive her if she tried making

when the right time comes, but in the meantime, I want

that Melinda would lose her temper if Yulia constantly pestered her. She would try hurting Yulia out of spite and her "good-girl" image would crumble in an

a long time as if they had known each

was oblivious to them plotting against her. She was

and outlined the plot of the story. It had taken her three days to write the introduction, but the editor was constantly sending it back, asking

wanted to relax for a bit. She went to the backyard to take a walk. It was her favorite

to see you here." Melinda heard Yulia's cold voice when she stepped into the yard. She turned around to look

eyes and ignored her. She wasn't in the mood

do you look aggressive all

was still terrified of her. But she

you realize that you're behaving like a clown who is desperate to attract people's attention?" Melinda

didn't bother being kind to her. Moreover, she needed to leave and didn't want to waste time talking

in the Gu's mansion and Melinda was tired

that you are

and understanding when she was around Nelson, which enraged Yulia all

an incredible actor who had everyone wrapped around her

but no one dared to confront her because

as much as you want, but

She loved to see her lose her mind every time she mentioned

and turned away. She was aware of Yulia's intention and didn't want to give Yulia the pleasure of

stupidity. Fortunately, her phone rang, rescuing her

the phone call annoyed her even more. The editor had called to inform that the editor-in-chief had rejected

for reasons to reject your work. But don't worry, you are a gifted writer and I feel you should continue writing. You could start by publishing your novel on a regular fiction website and build fan base," the editor said and paused for

wandered to Jonas. 'Is she referring to Jonas?' she wondered. But Melinda

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