"Mellie, I'm glad to see you like this."

Kent smiled at Melinda who was packing her things. She had a goal now and was striving to achieve it. She was not the old Melinda who wallowed in self-pity. She was stronger than ever, sparkling like a diamond.

"Yeah, I'm glad to be back on track too. I've finally got my life together after all these years. I've wasted the most crucial years of my life. I'm going to start living for myself."

A strand of hair brushed across Melinda's cheek and Kent tucked it behind her ear. Melinda's eyes were gleaming with happiness. She was looking like the chirpy girl she once used to be. She was radiating with positivity, which added a glow to her flawless face.

"It's getting late. I need to go now. See you later."

Although Melinda was reluctant to go back home, she had to fulfill her responsibilities of Jonas's wife. She hadn't divorced Jonas yet and was still living in the Gu's mansion.

Kent had been worried about Melinda before, but he was relieved to witness the change in her.

"Let me drive you home."

Kent paid the bill and went back to the table to help Melinda take her laptop. She smiled gratefully and walked out. Kent had parked his car in the underground parking lot and Melinda was waiting outside the shopping mall. Her eyes flitted to the towering building of Soaring Group.

She was a speck of dot before the enormous building. She couldn't reach the top, just like she couldn't find a place in Jonas's heart.

The honking sound of the car snapped her from the reverie. She turned around and saw that Kent was waiting for her to get into the car.

The Gu's mansion consisted of a bunch of old houses that were renovated over the years to keep up with the changing trend.

Kent dropped Melinda at the gate. She got off the car and went straight into the house. An eerie atmosphere prevailed in the mansion. The mansion was usually silent only when Jonas was home.

Melinda wondered if he was back, but she quickly brushed away the thought and decided to go back to her room.

"Do you know what time it is now?"

Melinda heard a sharp voice as soon as she stepped into the living room.

She turned around to see who it was. Queena Yao was sitting on the sofa with one leg across the other, glaring at her. She was wearing a formal suit. Her hair was curled to perfection and her lips were coated with a layer of vibrant red lipstick.

"Mom!" Melinda greeted her respectfully.

Queena Yao was a strong woman. Although she was powerful, she was never domineering. Everyone admired and respected her.

Melinda was aware of Queena Yao's strong dislike towards her. All these years, Melinda had worked hard to be the perfect daughter-in-law of the Gu family and win her heart. But all her efforts were in vain. She couldn't earn Queena Yao's love and trust.

"Melinda, who dropped you home? It's a nice BMW. Looks like you've gotten rich friends as well," Yulia mocked. Melinda didn't realize Yulia's presence until she heard her voice.

Yao frowned at Yulia's

was my senior at school. I needed a favor from him," Melinda

that Yulia was trying to cause trouble and felt that

my brother. He's, after all, the most powerful

He was a hero in her eyes. She had always craved love and affection. She wanted Jonas to spoil her and make her happy like how a normal

and you need to be careful while choosing friends,"

looked down upon her. No one tried

couldn't argue with Queena Yao, so she smiled and walked

was surprised to see that Melinda

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frowned. But Queena Yao was aware of Yulia's intentions. She knew that Yulia was trying to cause

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sparrow is always a sparrow," Queena Yao

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and the atmosphere had become tense since Queena Yao's arrival. Everyone was afraid of her and tried to be in their best behavior. Nelson was hardly in the mansion as he was

mind after her conversation with Kent. He had helped Melinda regain

her first draft when a loud voice reverberated

Yao was leaning against the doorframe with her arms across her

got married to my son and you still don't have children. I don't understand why Father was insistent on Jonas getting married to a woman like you who has been leeching off

scrunched her nose in distaste as Melinda wearing casual loungewear. Queena Yao was disappointed to find that her daughter-in-law

the rage that was simmering in her

I've heard that great writers earn up to a million

been Queena Yao's faithful follower and Melinda was

a year? Jonas earns a million dollars for

words. She knew that Queena Yao was reveling in a plenitude of wealth and that a million dollars meant nothing to her. But Melinda had put her heart and soul

at least she is working hard. We've gotten to

part of her plan. She knew what triggered

since I returned home and I haven't seen Jonas yet. My son doesn't

Yao. She didn't know what

not her fault,"

mean it's my son's fault?" Queena Yao's anger spiked up with every word Yulia uttered. She was seething with rage. Yulia was scared to see Queena Yao's angry eyes boring

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Melinda who was looking at her with a vacant expression. Melinda's

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Melinda finally asked.

She was pleased with herself for annoying

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