"Congratulations! We are all set and free from each other now."

After a long time, Melinda murmured to herself. Looking at the divorce agreement in his hand, Jonas had a complex expression on his face. He had always hoped that this could happen, but now that it had finally happened, he had a strange feeling at the pit of his stomach, as if he had just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Melinda stood up from the floor, carefully hiding the divorce agreement away in her bag, and then turned away. There was nothing left for her to do at the Gu's mansion anymore.

Melinda gingerly got her phone from her bag and found a private space to talk, "Kent, could you please come to the Gu's mansion and pick me up? Jonas and I are finally getting divorced. He signed the papers."

When she said the word "divorce", she was somewhat absent-minded, and a trace of a smile appeared. Kent was a little surprised that she had managed to get the papers signed, but he was very happy for her. Moreover, he could not refuse her request.

Soon, Kent arrived to pick up Melinda. The servants gave her strange looks as she was leaving so late in the night, escorting her with judgmental looks until she left. Standing by the front door, Jonas couldn't ignore the sound of the car that came in and left as soon as it had arrived. Irritated by the intrusion, he changed his clothes and went back to his company.

"It's late. Where are you going at this time of night?" Queena who had applied a facial mask ready for bed opened her room's door when she heard a commotion. Jonas paused mid-step on his way out and then said in a low voice, "We are now divorced."

"What? Divorce? I will not allow that to happen in our family!" said Nelson, getting agitated.

When he heard the noise around the house, he had ignored it, thinking it wasn't anything important. As a result, the butler quickly informed him that Melinda had left the premise.

"Grandpa, we have already signed the divorce agreement," Jonas said, sounding exhausted.

Just then, Nelson's face turned ghastly pale as he felt a cluster of spark plugs emanating from his abdomen. Tension built in his face and limbs; he felt a vice-like grip on his heart as his breathing became more labored and shallow; he found it difficult to breathe.

"Master, are you okay?" the butler yelled as he rushed to Nelson's side. Nelson fell stiffly on the ground not even fighting to breathe anymore. The butler held Nelson as he yelled trying to frantically pump his heart to form a rhythm and keep his heart beating.

"Grandpa are you okay!"

"Get the car, we need to take him to hospital fast."

The Gu family was shocked by Nelson's sudden attack. Jonas's lips were pursed in a thin line, a pale line forming at the top of his lips, indicating how hard he was biting on his lips. He silently contemplated the actions that had led to his grandfather's dire situation. He didn't expect that their divorce would make him so angry.

Kent took Melinda back to the place where she had rented, but they were informed that their rental contract had been canceled. The landlord asked her to evacuate from their premise, so she had to pack up her things in a hurry.

"I thought I had signed a one-year contract with you and I didn't cancel my lease. What changed?" Melinda was confused. She had used up almost all her savings in order to rent the house and was now being asked to leave without any explanation.

"It's your husband who came to cancel your contract. If you and your husband are having problems, you need to solve your issues on your own. But the house has already been rented out to another tenant. You should move out as soon as possible, hopefully within the next two days, or I will throw your stuff out," stated the property manager.

They had awakened the property manager in the middle of the night, who was now annoyed with their constant questions instead of communicating among themselves. Melinda knew without a doubt that it was only Jonas who could be this petty. She felt uncontrollable rage building up right from her belly because Jonas managed to make trouble for her even after they had divorced.

a place to rest for tonight," Melinda said. The property manager yawned, seeming sleepy, tired and totally disinterested in her explanations, her mind probably focused on sleeping. Covering her mouth as she yawned again, she said, "Whatever.

away, Melinda thought of her remaining money and sighed, "I shouldn't have settled for nothing because I was trying to seem dignified. I should have asked for something as part of the divorce settlement if I

jewelry that she had been gifted would be enough to cover a half

next morning, Melinda woke up early and began to pack up trying to cover as much ground as possible. When Kent brought breakfast for her, he

today?" Kent asked while putting breakfast on the table. Melinda washed her hands and started eating without waiting for Kent

to sleep on the street, right?" In fact, she had stayed up late at night checking out several houses on the Internet. She

you later. I don't have much work today,"

was always busy, but his schedule was flexible. In addition, Kent was still not comfortable with

I checked several places last night which are quite a distance. I am lucky I will have a free driver today," Melinda

its own accord making her look younger than her early twenties. When she smiled, her bright eyes would shine, emphasizing her innocence which was like a fresh breath of air. Melinda loved literature and was very conscious of how she behaved including

and started to visit the places that she had marked as having houses of interest for her. There were five spots in total, which were a little far from each other. It was not until three o'clock in the afternoon that they finished checking

I think you would like. Let me show you," Kent said. Kent noticed Melinda's hesitation, though he had no idea what she

good from outside and once they got inside it was just as good. After looking around,

while hoping to get a tenant but no one has lived here for some time now. Just do me

was the owner. The revelation put Melinda in a complicated situation. It was a good place to live, but she didn't want to be indebted to Kent more than

Kent, for your

consent, so he happily took her around to see the house. However, after Melinda said goodbye to Kent, she moved further from the city and went downtown to look for

She figured that life would be

and so there was an open lease. The student had also left much stuff

time. Melinda rented the house and moved in on the same day. She did the cleaning up until past eleven o'clock in

was about to

the past five years. She had been performing her duties and acting as the daughter-in-law of the Gu family the whole time. Now she had to return to society

The next day she began to search for a job online. Although she had no loans to

her practical and social experience was really pitiful. She finally saw an agency that was advertising a job that didn't require much

As long as you have a good sales ability, you can make over ten thousand per month in commission; besides the company doesn't hire many people, they only need three. But the agency fee will be rather expensive. Of course, if you think it is expensive, we also have other jobs, which are kind of difficult and the pay

than 1,000. She had thought that she would soon make money from working hard, but she didn't expect

conned and also moving to a new place, she was

costs for her new apartment were not too expensive. The former student had left her a lot of things and saved her furniture and kitchen ware expenses. Melinda decided to activate the social media account

been busy actively running up and down. Now

more time in her hands and therefore she had become more creative.

he returned. He was shocked to find that Melinda hadn't

tell me where you live now," Kent said, feeling

new location, so she promptly gave him the directions to her new residence. That day, Kent came to visit

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