Nelson was aware that it was useless for him to try and get any news about Melinda from Jonas. So he requested Gavin to investigate the matter for him.

He was very happy to learn that Melinda had been keeping herself busy by writing some works and she had even finished a book that was about to be published.

"It seems that the Gu family had been holding back her potential for all these years."

Nelson had his own connections, so although Melinda's book hadn't been published yet, he still had managed to get a sample. He looked at the carefully written words in the book, and was intrigued by her personal experiences that she had articulated with so much emotion.

Her sadness flowed through every word that she wrote, captivating the reader who could feel every pain that Melinda wrote about, as if it was their own. It was the first time that Nelson had ever doubted his decision to keep Jonas and Melinda married.

"Mr. Nelson, Melinda always made her own choices despite your influence, you can't blame yourself for everything," Gavin comforted Nelson.

Back then, Melinda had been brave and had a crush on Jonas. When she learned that she could marry him, she didn't care about any other things and made sure that she was married to him. She tried to stay in the marriage, struggling against hope and disappointment over the years, but she finally gave up and chose to get out of it quickly.

"Anyway, Mellie is a member of the Gu family. I need to protect her. I'll support her in the future when her books are published. Gavin, you have to make arrangements but make sure that it is anonymous and no one ever finds out about my involvement in her professional life."

Nelson seemed to have come up with a solution and made up his mind. Although Melinda was not his grandson's wife anymore, he would still protect her.

Once the novel was published, Melinda was out of the woods; she was no longer so tight on cash and could even afford to take a break. She rested for a short period before getting back on the road to look for a job. Learning from her previous experience of being tricked, she didn't dare to look for work through an agency. Instead, she went to a commercial office building to find a job.

Lady Luck was smiling upon her, so when the editor learned that she was looking for a job, she recommended her to one of her friends, who worked in the planning department of a small-scale cultural company.

Melinda liked this job very much. It was right up her alley and matched what she had specialized in as her major. Moreover, she had relatively more free working hours, which gave her time to do her own things.

Seeing that she had gradually settled down, Kent began to pursue her in earnest and tried to up his game. He drove her to and from work daily, and it took him less than three days to get familiar with Melinda's workmates at her department.

He was handsome, elegant and polite, but the most important thing was that he brought food for them every day. He quickly won over her workmates, and although she still vehemently denied that there was anything between them, the people in the department all believed that he was her boyfriend.

If that was not the case, then they would try their best to bring them together.

"Hi, Kent! Are you here to pick Mellie up again?" a colleague greeted Kent warmly as soon as Kent arrived at Melinda's department.

Kent smiled and gave them the stuff he had bought. Then someone shouted, "Kent, here you are again, with wonderful food!"

"Where is Mellie?"

asked Kent as he walked to Melinda's desk and found no one there.

"She is in the washroom. But she is not doing well today. You might be a father, Kent," a colleague said jokingly, but Kent frowned unconsciously.

not promised to be his girlfriend yet. It was a mere fantasy for Kent to be

has vomited several times today," another colleague stated

and was no

vomiting, she looked as pale as a sheet and very

a minute,

appointment to go out for dinner that evening, so she was not surprised to see Kent in her office. However, after

to the hospital and have a check-up. You need to know if it's food poisoning or it could be something else

After all, she loved herself very much. There was nothing between them, so it was impossible for her to be pregnant. That was why he was worried that she might

The statement about her constant vomiting explained why

constant without much change, and I haven't been eating out much. But my appetite

two days, Melinda was also a little worried. She therefore did

many people in the hospital at any given time. Melinda sat on the chair to rest a little bit as Kent helped her by waiting in line for the registration process. By the time everything was done, more than an hour

you have surgery

I had a miscarriage some time back,"

she had recuperated when she was pricked

wound that is inflamed," the doctor

the gynecology department for a physical examination. It turned out that where

seemed like a small medical accident. Because of the negligence of the doctors, the incision was not treated well and therefore she now had an infection which made it inflamed.

careless? Have a good

Once he thought of the consequences that the doctor had just said, he felt terrified. He

a crowd. Melinda, on the other hand, was not too worried. She reasoned that since the doctors had found her problem in time, she would be fine after some time

have no idea if you are the only

and she had found

from confronting the doctors. Soon, Kent found the doctor who had treated her. The doctor was on duty at the

knew how to confront his

I had just performed a major operation and was too tired. Mr. Jiang, I'm sorry, but I hope this can be handled in private,

her practicing license would be revoked and she wouldn't be

for other patients just because of a major operation? Is this how you act as a professional doctor? What

about to say something when

too. I should have taken more rest. It's not entirely the doctor's

heard what the doctor said, she decided not to hold

home was unknown. During her examination just now, the doctor also observed that it was because she used some over

for the negligence, you can't take responsibility

careful in the future. If you feel tired, you need to have enough rest

social media how doctors would fall down while at the operating table due to exhaustion, so she was very aware of the situation. Seeing that Melinda was not going to pursue the matter further, Kent didn't argue anymore. The doctor hesitated feeling guilty, and decided to

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