Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 22 Living Together

Luke finally told Melinda that his father was on a business trip. He and his father had been video chatting in the beginning, but since Luke had a bad temper, they had stopped talking altogether. Melinda had been keeping him company and Luke had forgotten about his father.

Melinda was glad about meeting Luke. Otherwise, she would have been lonely in the hospital.

Kent was busy with work and couldn't stay with Melinda all the time.

"Luke, your father must be having a lot of problems to deal with. He perhaps misses you and wants to talk with you. He will be upset if you ignore him," Melinda said.

Luke frowned.

"Really?" he asked, cocking his head to one side.

"Yeah. I think you should call your father and tell him that you miss him. He'll be happy to hear from you."

Melinda smiled. She could understand what Luke's father must have been going through, and she somehow wanted to reunite them.

Luke listened to Melinda and finally called his father. Melinda watched the two of them interact happily with a small smile on her face. Luke had missed his father terribly and his anger disappeared in an instant. He was telling his father about what he had been up to and even mentioned about Melinda.

"Melinda, Dad said that he'd be coming to see me today. He has even brought a toy for me," Luke said, clapping his hands excitedly.

Melinda wished she were a child too. Children led simple lives. They could forgive and forget easily. Life got complicated when you grew up and you had no choice but to survive through the storm.

Luke's father arrived at the hospital in the evening. Although he looked tired, the resemblance between him and Luke was uncanny.

He had brought a fruit basket for Melinda as Luke had been talking nonstop about her.

"Dad, Melinda is a writer too. She is brilliant!"

Luke loved his new toy and enjoyed playing with it. He was explaining about Melinda's short stories to his father, which surprised Melinda a little. She didn't know that he had been paying attention to her all this time.

Jack Zhou was shocked by his son's words. He turned his head to look at Melinda who was smiling politely.

"Miss Mo, what kind of stories do you write?"

Jack Zhou asked.

"I write novels. It's very satisfying to write about people and create a world with words."

was a means of escape for her. She could forget all her problems and trouble by weaving a story of her


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Melinda. They continued to talk about her writing journey. He made a note of Melinda's short stories and asked his assistant to arrange them for him to

Grand Culture Company. She was soon invited to attend the party. Melinda was finally happy to see good things

glances at Melinda. He recognized the logo of Grand Culture

mind. Jack Zhou understood her potential and directly arranged for an editor

had been constantly raving about Melinda to Jack Zhou. He realized that

all the comments and appreciation from her fans

to witness Melinda's success. When Kent praised him, Luke

was gradually recuperating. The doctors said that she could go back home, so Melinda finished all the discharge formalities and was ready to leave. But part of her wanted to stay back because

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seen Luke throw tantrums at people but he had always been kind to her and listened

that Melinda was going to leave the hospital, they became worried about feeding and taking care of Luke. They were especially concerned about how he

off to take care of her. She didn't carry many things, so she packed her things in a small bag,

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and buttoned her coat. The coat was long and came down till her shin. Melinda's cheeks turned red with embarrassment as she tucked

"Thank you, Kent."

gratefully. She waited by the gate of the hospital as Kent went to bring the car from the parking

Melinda's teeth began to chatter as she hugged

come to the hospital to get Nelson's report and saw Melinda standing by the gate. Her face was pale and her cheeks were red. She was rubbing her hands to warm her body.

in the car too. She knitted her eyebrows when she saw Jonas staring at something intently. She followed his gaze and found that he

that woman is your ex-wife, isn't she?" Holley asked,

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felt warmer after she got into the car. It had been a long time since she had gone home. She decided

inspection report and accompanied Holley to the mall as she wanted to buy something. Holley saw Melinda and

they? I've never seen Melinda this happy before,"

expressionless and she couldn't guess what was going on in his mind.

He was a proud man and hated to see her

like they've known each other for a long time. I mean, look at how close

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