Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 24 Online Dramas

Kent looked at the closed door in deep thought. Then he turned around and went back home. Janet who had been busy preparing dinner because she was expecting a visitor, did a double take. When she realized that he had come back alone, she peeped through the window checking if the girl was still in the car.

"Where is she?"

After Janet confirmed that there was no one else except for Kent, she stared at him expectantly waiting for an explanation from him. Although Charles looked very calm and disinterested in their discussion, he had actually been looking forward to meeting his future daughter-in-law.

His son was no longer a little boy and it was time to start acting like an adult, since with adulthood came certain expectations.

"Mom, please don't ever do that again, following me around as if I am a common criminal. I will probably bring her home and introduce her to you in a few days. However, please take note that she is not my girlfriend."

Kent felt that he needed to explain to his parents the nature of their relationship in case they build up false hope. As soon as he stated that they were not in a relationship, his mother's mood made a 360 degree change as if she was a roller coaster.

She was relieved to hear that he was willing to bring her home. But as soon as he mentioned that she was not his girlfriend, everything just didn't make sense for Janet.

"She's not your girlfriend? What do you mean? Then why do you treat her so well? Could it be that you really are in a one-sided love affair?"

Janet looked at her son in disbelief. The minute she saw Melinda she thought she was an excellent person and was a perfect fit for her son and they balanced each other out.

"Well, don't push him too hard. It's a good thing that the girl is willing to come home with him," said Charles.

Charles came out to mediate the dispute between Janet and Kent since things just seemed to be escalating. Janet reluctantly dropped the subject and Kent breathed a sigh of relief, as the family was finally able to enjoy the wonderful dinner that his mother had slaved over.

The first thing Melinda did after she came back home was to close the windows and doors to keep off the strong winds; then she began to prepare dinner. Although there was a lot of food in the fridge, she prepared a simple dish of noodles for her dinner.

Meanwhile on the other side, the secretary was frightened again when he received the photos from the person he had dispatched. He finally gained courage and knocked on the door.

Jonas was still working. Melinda always thought that he was a strange man and couldn't understand his contradictory character. He was a workaholic, but strangely enough, he still had enough time on his hands to spend much time with different women.

"Mr. Gu," the secretary said, as he gingerly stepped into the office cautiously.

Jonas looked up instantly. His blood shot eyes were as fiery and frightening as an eagle's. He had been eagerly waiting for the news, like the masochist that he was, hurting himself day in, day out.

Although in his mind he didn't think that his behavior was self-abuse at all. He had managed to convince himself that it was a necessary step towards pursuing the truth and convincing his grandfather that Melinda was not as innocent as he assumed. This was the only way he could feel a bit relieved from the pressure that always built up on his chest every time he saw his secretary.

But in many cases, he also didn't welcome the temporary release. It was a complicated feeling that he didn't want to dwell on much. As soon as that thought crossed Jonas's mind, it only lasted for about three seconds before he shoved it at the back of his mind.

"These are the photos that were taken today."

The secretary took out the photos which showed Melinda and Kent getting out of the car together, as they went into the apartment building. There were also several photos of the two in the car not doing anything of interest, although, because of the angle the photos were taken, they looked a little intimate.

get off work now and you

came with a higher level of risk. However, working for Mr. Gu involved a new level of risk taking, and

cold snort as he stared at them gloomily. He shook his head as if trying to clear his mind from the gloomy topic, and then

and Melinda was unusual. It seemed Jonas had

although distracted, when he heard a weird sound. He lowered his head to find the source of the

a testament of

stared blankly at the document, then irritably picked it up and threw it into the trash can. Rubbing his eyebrows, he gently tried to massage

there wasn't any urgent matter that required his attention, to warrant his tendencies to work late, he still didn't go home. Any time he went back home, he was sure to always see his grandfather frowning and looking at him

the couple were, he wanted to show the photos to his grandfather. His intention was to wipe off the discontented looks from his grandfather's face and show him what Melinda

deep in his heart, stopped him from executing his plans. The restless Jonas rationalized that he shouldn't stimulate his grandfather further since

such a state. He picked up the car key from his desk and left his office in a hurry. He did not go home to the family residence. Instead he went to his own residence, which was not

he was at such a late hour, although she didn't demand for

okay? You don't sound like

well thought out.

few days," Jonas said and rubbed his forehead in exhaustion. Although his claims were true, and there were always issues to be expected at the company with the new season, the issues were never that big to affect him this

new wave of headache and

in all her social media accounts including wechat and her micro-blog. Many of her posts gave subtle hints that she had used Jonas's money to

was exactly what she

was suited for a person of her stature. Her reputation was not very good, so she didn't get

matter what she did she still couldn't attract enough fans. She finally realized that Jonas was her ticket to fame.

from griping about her business, Holley didn't

Holley had a lot of ideas in her mind. She dressed up

make sure everything was in place before his sour-faced boss came in. He took a sip of his soybean milk and as soon as he turned around to clean

himself up hurriedly and then greeted him once again, but Jonas just looked at him as if he had lost his mind,

speed of a race car, thinking of the scene that just happened. He was still contemplating how lucky he was, when he looked down and noticed the broken soybean milk packet that he was still holding in his hand. It was a wonder that he hadn't been thrown out by the collar

did boss come in so early today?" the secretary muttered in

clothes, changing into another suit in record time so that

with disgust every day but he didn't want

just that the boss had come in way earlier than expected and the secretary had hoped that he could cover a lot more work

organized and entered the whole day's schedule in his diary. Although after noticing the boss's new style of working,

today's schedule?" Jonas asked coldly as he opened

since he had just finished working on it. He pulled the lapels of his suit coat trying to readjust himself as he updated Jonas on

you have? That schedule is not tight enough, it's

for a long time. "I'll rearrange it and

went back to his seat and began to make a new schedule. Since Jonas was very busy every day, he had never dared to arrange his schedule too tight. In the past, Jonas hadn't said anything about it except for now

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