Holley couldn't take her eyes off the photo. She didn't expect Jonas to have a picture of him and Melinda on his desk. They looked like a happy couple.

Holley knew that Jonas was confused. But she felt that Melinda would always be special to him.

She was frustrated that Melinda was destroying her chances with Jonas even after divorcing him.

Her eyes were blazing with anger.

She wanted to tear the photo apart. Holley couldn't stand the sight of the happy picture, so she grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room.

The secretaries saw Holley leave but they didn't bother stopping her. They were used to seeing her like this.

Everyone was aware of Holley's intentions and didn't inform Jonas about her arrival.

Two days had passed in the blink of an eye. Melinda received a call from Kent. His mother had been constantly pestering him to invite Melinda for dinner.

"Kent, can you pick me up later?" Melinda asked.

She had promised to meet him and was all set to see his parents.

Melinda was a courteous woman. She had brought gifts for his parents on her way home from work last night.

Kent arrived at Melinda's place on time. She slipped into a plaid dress and tied her hair into a bun. Tendrils of hair brushed against her forehead teasingly. She applied a mild coat of makeup to her flawless face and was ready to leave. The beautiful dress and subtle makeup enhanced her already beautiful look. She was looking like a teenager bubbling with life.

"I'd like to buy some fruits, Kent," Melinda said, biting her lower lip.

She couldn't find fresh fruits at night and decided to buy them on the way to Kent's house.

"Oh, come on, Melinda. You don't have to be formal," Kent said.

Melinda smiled and followed him without uttering a word.

Melinda finally got the chance to live her life. The constant stress and fear that were constantly lurking in her heart seemed to wither away. Things began to fall in place. She had signed a contract with one of the magazines and her book was scheduled to release; she also had another one that was serialized on a website with many subscribers. She didn't have to worry about her life anymore. Melinda followed her heart and would go wherever life took her.

She was grateful for having an incredible friend like Kent who always stood by her side and supported her through everything.

By the time they reached Kent's place, Janet was already standing by the door, waiting for them. She scolded Kent for making Melinda buy things for them.

Janet had always been fond of Melinda. She was a kind, respectful woman, who easily captivated the hearts of elders.

Janet asked Charles to go to the kitchen to prepare lunch, and she began to bombard Melinda with questions. Kent was left with no choice but to help his father.

taken aback by Janet's enthusiasm but

his eyes were

choice." Charles arched an eyebrow

they were not together, his parents refused to accept

that his parents wished

good girl," Kent said, shaking his

adored her. He thought his life would become colorful if he shared it

the boundary and take their friendship to the next level. But he knew that Melinda was

She was close, yet too far. She was resolute about her decision despite

ready to give up. He had supported and helped Melinda for five years, even though he knew that he didn't stand a chance with her. But things had

You've finally done something to make us

quickly changed his expression. "Dad, I promise it won't happen again,"

bygones be bygones," Charles

complicated relationship but they pretended

untie the knot that had been choking him for many years. Tears welled in his eyes.

day for him. He couldn't stop talking with his father. He shared all the things that he had wanted to tell him. Charles felt that his son

as if they'd known each other for a long time.

we have. Tell me what your favorite dishes are and I'll make them for

smiled. She carefully picked the juicy fish from the lot and placed it on Melinda's bowl. She made sure to

table. They were all her favorite food. She thought

was touched by his thoughtfulness. Her

They are

the food and

you're living alone in the suburb.

sorry for Melinda who had been working hard and

good." Melinda was enjoying her life. Living amid the students of the universities made her feel young

was independent and lived her life the way she wanted to without being

any problems. If he doesn't help you, just tell me. I'll always be there to help you," Janet said, glaring at

lifted his hands

Melinda over him and he couldn't help but feel

stop glaring me, will you? Let's

away. Melinda chuckled

a sudden pang of jealousy in Melinda's heart when she saw Kent and his parents

yourself. Don't be shy. We are a family. You look frail, honey.

and became weak after her illness. Fortunately, things were different now.

"Thank you."

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