Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 27 Cooperation

Melinda had been living a monotonous life. Her routine consisted of going to her workplace, getting essentials from the supermarket, and returning home. Her schedule was packed and she didn't have the time to think about anything else.

Melinda had been deliberately avoiding Kent. Kent didn't try contacting her either. He didn't want to bother her after she had clearly explained what she felt about him. They were like strangers now.

Melinda was back to living her life on her own, without anyone's support.

She wasn't petrified by the loneliness rather embraced it. She reveled in the bliss of solitude.

But Kent had been agitated since Melinda had left. He had been used to talking to her every day and her absence was killing him. He regretted ruining all his chances by confessing his love. He tried hard to calm down but he couldn't control his emotions anymore.

A week later, when Melinda left the office after work, her eyes settled on a familiar car. Kent was leaning against the car, smiling at her.

He was wearing a white shirt and black suit pants, looking quite elegant.

Melinda couldn't help but smile at him.


She had forgotten everything about his confession. Kent breathed a sigh of relief and opened the door of his car.

"Come on, let's have dinner." He smiled and motioned her to get in.

Melinda bit her lip and looked at him nervously. "Don't you girls have guy friends? Consider me as your best male friend and hop into the car if you don't have a problem. I'll always be there for you."

"I want to eat roasted fish."

Melinda's face broke into a dazzling grin. Kent was finally happy to see her like this.

He didn't want to make things awkward between them. He was happy to have a part in her life even if it meant he could be nothing more than a friend to her.

Jonas had been frustrated lately. Although he hadn't paid attention to what Melinda was up to, the people around him were always curious about her and the gossips inevitably reached his ears.

He heard that Melinda and Kent were getting close to each other and that she was looking prettier than ever. Jonas was annoyed about it.

Every time he returned home, Nelson would scowl at him with disappointment.

Jonas was afraid that Nelson was going to abandon him for Melinda.

Nelson was at the door of the Gu's mansion, coming back from a walk when Jonas returned after partying. He snorted and glared at him.

"Don't you have anything else to do other than hooking up with women?"


sat on the mahogany couch with the support of his crutch. He strangely felt lonely around Jonas. He wondered

that things had turned bitter between him

Jonas is your grandson, not her. What's so good about her that you're constantly praising her and putting him down? She has treated

always abused her. Nelson usually reprimanded her but this time

that Jonas couldn't think for himself. He always listened

you've no work to do, I'll ask my secretary William to arrange a job

the company as she thought that

and received severe criticism from the group leader. She had been afraid to go to the

left, an awkward silence prevailed in the air. Nelson and Jonas shared a complicated relationship. Nelson was cold and Jonas

loyal and

that's why he wants you to bring her back," the

left. He wasn't upset with


at Nelson's hold on the crutch tightened and his knuckles almost turned white. He

won't let that happen as long as I'm alive. But don't worry, I'm old now, and if you continue to disappoint me, I'll be

wasn't what he had wanted. When Jonas opened his mouth to explain

infuriated by Jonas's words and was

remained quiet and Nelson continued to nag him. But he was soon out of breath and left to

grandfather trouble his health for Melinda

he saw in her. She was a heartless, selfish woman but Jonas knew how much his grandfather

returned to his room and slumped on his chair. His heart sank at the sight

pair of jeans and a T-shirt. He grabbed clean

arranged his things neatly and he never

his forehead when he thought about her. He never realized her

rammed his clothes into the bag and zipped it

out for a few days. Take good care

nodded. He didn't want to stop Jonas. He knew that it was good for

mind was clouded with rage and he wanted to drown his thoughts into work and forget about

noon the next day, Holley walked into Jonas's office but

if Mr. Gu

practically living in the office and had given clear instructions to let people in only

sweets with her. She was a little annoyed that William

and smiled at Jonas.

matter?" Jonas asked

Holley only to irritate Melinda.

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