Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 28 An Encounter

A City was bustling with people and traffic round the clock. The presence of the towering skyscrapers elevated the opulence of the beautiful city.

People of A City led a monotonous life and the afternoon tea time was precious to them. It was a brief break from the humdrum where they could spend time with their loved ones.

Holley usually invited her friends to the coffee shop to gossip and brag about herself.

Jonas hadn't left the company in the past couple of days. He had been spending every minute of every day there. His schedule consisted of waking up, doing work, and going back to sleep. He didn't have the time for anything or anyone. Holley went to the company every day to see him.

"Let's go out for a cup of coffee. You should start trying different flavors," Holley said.

She was wearing a white shirt and black straight-leg pants that accentuated her perfect figure. The simple outfit seemed extravagant on her. She had applied a subtle coat of makeup, making her look elegant.

Holley had morphed into Melinda. She was bubbling with charm and grace, unlike her usual provocative self.

She knew that Melinda had taken a part of Jonas's heart when she had left him. Although Holley hated that Jonas still missed Melinda, she tried hard to become like her and win a place in his heart.

Jonas was in a daze when he looked at Holley. He remembered Melinda who was a dainty beauty when they first met.

He nodded and accepted Holley's invitation absentmindedly as his mind was whirling with the thoughts of Melinda.

Holley's eyes widened with shock but she couldn't help but feel disappointed. She knew that Jonas had agreed to have coffee with her only because she was looking like Melinda. Holley had the confidence that she could replace Melinda and earn an irreplaceable position in the Gu family.

Jonas followed Holley to the coffee shop in the shopping mall across from his company. Holley had picked a secluded place as she knew that Jonas liked his privacy.

She quickly ordered coffee and his favorite dessert.

Holley was raving about the coffee shop but Jonas continued to read his magazine in silence. He wasn't in the mood to talk with her.

"Do you want the usual?" Kent asked

"I heard there is a new coffee here. I want to try it."

Melinda sat at the table across the window and placed the bag behind her. She was wearing a red dress that made her look vibrant and full of life.

Kent put his briefcase on the seat and went to place the order.

Jonas's lungs constricted when he heard Melinda's voice. He stopped reading the magazine and looked at Melinda who was staring out of the window with her chin resting on her palm. A gentle smile graced her lips.

He hadn't seen her in a long time and couldn't take his eyes off her. His heart was beating frantically but he continued to ignore the emotions that were bubbling inside him.

was shocked to hear Melinda's voice and turned to look

kicked out of

She looked dazzling.

pit of Holley's stomach. She quickly darted towards Melinda's table and glared at her and

way into the Gu family by getting married to him. Jonas couldn't help but

and Mr. Jiang are together now. I envy the way you manage to skip from one man to

smirked. She hadn't expected Melinda here and

envied me?" Melinda asked

She couldn't stop hating Melinda even after she had walked out

was taken aback by

and managed to

Jiang has been taking care of you even though

was having a secret affair

wanted to provoke Jonas but he seemed

at them curiously and she hated to be the center of attention. Fortunately, a waitress walked in with a

an extra seat for this lady. Kindly arrange a seat for her

said, smiling politely

her. Her eyes turned


enough. You've crossed your limits. Stop humiliating yourself in front of everyone. Kent and I are innocent and you cannot talk shit about us. You are the one who needs to be ashamed of yourself for hooking up with a married man. Oops, sorry. I

she said placidly.

looked around before stepping in front of

two have been

get along well with

couldn't understand how Melinda managed to cast a spell over everyone. People seemed to fall for her charms, especially Nelson.

you quiet? Are you

gone too far this time. Kent couldn't hear her malign Melinda in

damage was already

at Kent with

the two of you go

Kent and Melinda were just friends but she wanted Jonas to believe that the two of them shared a relationship beyond that. She wanted him to despise

Melinda helped me take care of them. Is there anything

Kent lose his cool and

failing to protect Melinda. She had

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