"Grandpa, I've divorced her already. She's nothing more than just an ex to me."

Hearing what he had said, Nelson was so angry that he felt his heart clenching painfully. Raising his hand, he grabbed his chest tightly, taking deep breaths to calm himself down.

Nelson knew he was probably asking for too much, but this was his only wish now. He was old, and feared that he may never live to see his grandson have a happy marriage.

There was no way for Jonas to understand his grandfather's thoughts. Love was the least of his priorities. What was more, he believed that he would only get married if it was beneficial for him.

Jonas didn't stay that much longer with Nelson since he still had a lot of work at the company. However, he knew that Nelson wouldn't stop pestering him about getting married any time soon.

As Jonas entered his office, William couldn't help but feel that his boss was in a bad mood. The office's monochromatic colors gave off a cold and unwelcoming air, which quite suited Jonas's personality today.

Knowing this, William was smart enough not to enter Jonas's office. After all, he wouldn't have been in such a high position in the company if he had not been as sharp as he had been. Whenever someone else went in and got scolded by Jonas, William couldn't help but chuckle quietly to himself for feeling so clever.

However, there were times when his cleverness wasn't enough.

Gavin was trying to call Jonas but he wasn't picking up his phone. Following Nelson's advice, he called the office's hotline.

"Is Mr. Gu in the company?"

"I'm sorry but Mr. Gu is busy at the moment,"

William replied, choosing a relatively vague answer. In truth, Jonas had just finished his work. Now he was leisurely going through business magazines and drinking coffee. It seemed that he did not want to go home at all. He knew that the boss would definitely sleep in the company tonight.

"Please tell him that his grandfather wants him to come back tonight. It's very important."

Gavin was very kind and polite, but it inexplicably made William feel a bit stressed. This was the calm before a storm.

Nelson was the biggest decision maker in the company. Although he didn't get involved in the company's affairs since Jonas married, his power was still there. After weighing the pros and cons for a bit, William finally decided to knock on the door.

"Come in."

Jonas stopped what he was doing and put down the business magazine. For the past few minutes, he had just been staring blankly at the magazine on his lap while he drank his coffee. It relaxed him in a way, even though he wasn't really reading anything.

"Boss, Gavin called. He say that you should be back at the mansion tonight,"

William said after a moment of hesitation. He tried his best to convince himself that there must be some risk in getting a high salary. Greater wealth was always accompanied by greater dangers.

if he was afraid of the immediate reaction Jonas would have. Seeing this, Jonas raised his eyebrow. 'Huh. Am

"I see."

that Nelson wouldn't give up easily. If Nelson asked him to go back, Nelson

also mentioned that it was important,

he quickly left. He took a deep breath and tried to steady himself. He felt so lucky that


there was almost nobody in the company except the security guards and a couple of employees working overtime. When he returned to the Gu's mansion, Gavin was

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Meanwhile, Gavin was looking carefully at Jonas's back. 'Well, it seems as if he has indeed grown up,'

intentions. Might I remind you not to be too stubborn with

he heard every word he said. Of course he knew that Nelson was getting old. That was the reason why he moved to the company

browsing through a photo album. There were photos of Jonas when he was still a child. He grew up from a little kid to a handsome man. Consequently, as he grew older, the less

on the door, he found that it was actually already open. As he walked in, he saw Nelson wiping the tears

there, not speaking a word to each other. Even as they quietly stared at each other, it seemed that Nelson was not going to win this

the company for the rest

Jonas, but he couldn't control his anger any more, especially since it

won't be bothered if I am not at home. I'm doing this for your

knew his grandfather

beat around the bush with you. I don't care what's going on between you and Mellie. If you don't bring her back, you will no longer be considered

Nelson. This was his last card. If this hadn't succeeded, he wouldn't

face darkened. Being threatened was one of the things he hated the most. He was pretty sure that Nelson knew this, and still, he couldn't resist threatening him

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had taken over the company, he had already possessed his own benefit chain. It was impossible for him to give it up at


I hope you won't interfere with whatever else I plan

back, there would be a way out." And with

Jonas and went to bed. On

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and turning in his bed. Finally, he sat up from bed, took his coat and car keys,

When he drove up to her home, the light was still on. As he sat in his car, he hesitated for

good care of herself. For instance, she would forget to turn off the lights, forget to cover

wrong with me,' Jonas thought as he tightly gripped on the steering wheel. With a grunt, he turned the car around

managed to get in contact with her through William's phone. But as soon as Melinda heard his voice, she hung up and then blocked William's number as well. From now on, whenever an

Melinda!' Jonas thought as he gritted his teeth. The situation was

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