"I want mango flavor."

Melinda called, grinning happily. A smile tugged at the corners of Jonas's lips as he was waiting in line to get an ice cream cone for her.

Holley strutted towards Jonas and interlinked her arms with his. But he wriggled away from her hold.

"Jonas, don't you see that she's doing it intentionally?"

Holley said anxiously. If someone had told Holley that Jonas would wait in a long queue one day to get an ice cream cone for Melinda, she would have laughed.

She didn't expect that things would change in Melinda's favor soon. Holley felt as if her entire world had fallen apart.

"Mellie likes it,"

Jonas said, shrugging casually. Melinda's skin broke into goose bumps when she heard Jonas's words. Her heart started to beat frantically. Holley's eyes widened with shock. She stomped her foot angrily. "Have you fallen in love with that bitch?"

Holley felt that Jonas wouldn't fall in love with a woman like Melinda. She pacified her wounded heart by telling herself that Nelson must have forced Jonas to get along with Melinda. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"She is Mrs. Gu,"

Jonas grunted as his body stiffened. Holley opened her mouth to say something but decided against it. She didn't want to annoy Jonas.

Jonas smiled at Melinda who was relishing her ice cream cone. "You should have given me a bite," Jonas said, arching an eyebrow.

"Mr. Gu, eating ice cream isn't good for you. You need to start taking your medicines."

Melinda tried hard to suppress her laughter. She loved teasing Jonas. Her eyebrows furrowed when she saw Holley standing behind him.

"We are on a date and you've brought your ex-girlfriend with you. You're impossible, Mr. Gu."

Jonas didn't know why Melinda called him Mr. Gu. He wondered if she was making fun of him or preferred calling him that. Whatever the reason was, Jonas loved it when she called him Mr. Gu.

"Melinda, stop acting too smart, you..." Holley lost her cool and was seething with rage. Jonas called his bodyguards and instructed them to take Holley away. He didn't want her disturbing their date.

The entire day had passed in the blink of an eye. They had shopped a lot of things and Melinda was happy about making Holley jealous. Unfortunately, she had to face some repercussions too. The cool drinks and ice creams were ravaging her stomach.

Several days later, they finally decided to put an end to their act. Jonas headed to work and Melinda stayed home to write.

already waiting for him. She had tried hard breaking his relationship with Melinda but all her plans

had come to borrow money from Jonas.

running a charity? I don't mind lending money but you should at

the pen with his fingers. Holley had been busy planning to destroy Melinda and didn't pay enough attention to work. The web series would have been

mistakes and I know how to make this right.

business, their remunerations were usually low. Moreover, the sets and

ready to give money anymore. I expect you to pay my money

said coldly. Holley finally realized that Jonas had been using

Holley was of no use to him now and he had thrown

wrong this time. Please lend money for one last time and I'll make sure

and bellowed his orders, "William, send Miss Huang

Holley understood that Jonas was firm with his decision and she could do nothing

you are

Holley cried angrily.

managed to send Holley away and walked into the CEO office. Jonas

the casting director about it and he'll know

want me to send someone to monitor

about contacting Holley and supervising the web series. But he had a clear idea

like a good idea." Jonas

in William. He was like Jonas's right hand. Holley didn't disappoint him either.

everyone was aware of the unspoken

inhaled the sweet scent of the evening air. She had made herself a cup

browsed through the latest comments. Many popular blogs, magazines,

heartstrings of the readers. Melinda had managed to earn a loyal fan base in a short time. Some of them had written personal letters to Melinda that made her

reading the comments. Words of positivity always encouraged her to

her sore muscles. Melinda would always lose track of time every time she sat

scented tea she made for herself had turned cold. She packed her things and went back to her room. She was mentally drained and decided to go for a walk

except for the humming of the bees. It was teeming with flowers and a lonely tea pavilion stood

of tea and saw Nelson

I made scented tea for you. Gavin, would you

stopped and smiled at her. He couldn't refuse her request but Gavin quickly excused himself as he had a lot of work

If he causes any trouble, come to me. I'm always here

all the problems Melinda had

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