Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 34 Paid Posers

During this period, Melinda felt very relaxed, simply by not paying attention to an annoying creature like Yulia.

Melinda shared dinner with the Gu family in the main villa. Yulia used to not show up during mealtime. However, she started eating on a regular schedule every day since Melinda’s return just to annoy her.

These days, Nelson took Melinda to attend various events, many of which she also wanted to make an appearance at, but she hadn't been invited, so she gave up.

Therefore, Nelson unknowingly pushed Yulia to hate Melinda more.

Jonas usually had lunch at the office, and today was no exception. Nelson had an appointment with an old friend, so Melinda, Yulia and Queena were left at the table.

The trio of women looked like they were at play taking on different roles. They positioned themselves in a triangle-shaped formation. Yulia's expression was as scornful as ever. Queena behaved as if she had no involvement, and Melinda remained indifferent.

"Aunt Yao, why are you letting her sit here for lunch? Aren’t you afraid she’ll spoil your appetite?"

Yulia regarded Melinda with disgust. The entire Gu family knew that they were not getting along well. Queena disliked them both, so she said nothing and watched them in silence.

However, what surprised her was Melinda. Back then, she was nothing but a dummy who lacked critical thinking. Although she tried to withhold her anger, she was a natural in taking opportunity in bad situations to gain an advantage.

"Let's eat. We are one family, so we should sit together, shouldn't we?"

Queena said. The dishes were served on the table in succession. The household had no extravagant style, but there were ten courses prepared for the three of them. Each platter was an explosion of colors, aromas and taste, making them feel a fleeting moment of hunger.

"She is not my family!"

Yulia refused to believe that Melinda got to become her sister-in-law once again. Particularly Melinda stole all the attention from Nelson as soon as she arrived home.

"Yulia, don't let your brother hear what you just said, or he will feel sad,"

Melinda said with a smile, as though she just put up with a childish teenager. By this time, she had done a lot of role-playing with Jonas. What she said made Yulia feel some pangs of concern.

"Melinda, are you threatening me with my brother?"

Exasperated, Yulia sprang up from the table. She had been very cranky these past few days. As she straightened up from her seat, the chair hit the servant standing behind.

"Mother, I'd better go back and have dinner at my place."

Yulia's question, Melinda just got up quietly and said to Queena in a low voice. Compared to Yulia's immature demeanor, she was more

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"Yulia, you're too impulsive,"

also unreasonable. All that she has done was bully people who had no ally like Melinda. If Melinda had some reputable

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had once desired to become his next wife after he got rid

made Jonas change from the day she came back, Holley blamed all the faults

grudges, she would get even with Melinda. Holley would never forget the embarrassment that day at the

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make them bash Melinda nonstop on Weibo," Holley snapped with a sinister grin. She wanted Melinda to suffer the same

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totally gave up the entertainment circle because of these so-called keyboard warriors.

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