Ex husband's Plea for Forgiveness

Chapter 35 Blackmailed

Jonas flew into a rage when he saw the pictures. He threw his phone that hit the wall and smashed to the ground. William was trembling with fear. He hadn't seen Jonas lose his cool like this before.

"Ask the PR department to deal with it. I don't want to see this happen on Weibo again."

Jonas took deep breaths and tried to calm down. He had been telling himself that they were helping each other only for personal gains. Jonas knew that the pictures were fake and someone had photoshopped them.

Although Jonas was aware of what had happened, he couldn't shake the images from his mind. He was feeling uncomfortable.

Jonas didn't doubt the potential of the PR department of Soaring Group. They had taken advanced measures to salvage the situation. They published the news as soon as they got the orders from Jonas. The news became popular and there were many positive comments on Weibo.

The paid posters faded in comparison with the news published by Soaring Group. Some people had hired netizens to slander Melinda and had morphed her pictures but Jonas had proved Melinda's innocence.

The situation had taken a dramatic turn and Melinda became the victim. She had won the hearts of people.

Yulia had been blatantly cursing Melinda in her WeChat moments. The truth had come to light now and it was like a tight slap on her face. She posted another piece of gossip on her WeChat moments.

Yulia's phone chimed with a message. "Yulia, do you want to be an agent like me?"

The message was from the friend she had slapped in the face the other day. Their meeting was quite unpleasant and Yulia was hesitant in the beginning.

But her friend continued to lure her by stating the benefits of doing the job. She evasively stated that Yulia needed to invest a substantial amount of cash in the beginning. They were catering to the needs of a high-end market that required sizeable investments.

"Are you sure it's profitable?"

Yulia asked. Her heart was bubbling with excitement. She wouldn't have to depend on her grandfather for money if she could earn it on her own.

"I made more than one hundred thousand dollar last month and I'm just a fresher. I'll make more money in the future,"

Yulia's friend said. She also sent screenshots of her payment. Yulia tried resisting the urge but she felt that it was a great opportunity and didn't want to miss it.

She decided to take a leap of faith and invested all her money in the agency. Days passed by, but she hadn't seen any products so far. Yulia finally understood that she was scammed when she lost all contact with her friend.

Her friend had blocked her in WeChat. She seemed to abandon her. They had been hanging out with her only for the money. Yulia had lost all her money and her friends seemed to leave one after the other. They were not there for Yulia when she needed them.

Yulia finally understood the harsh reality of life. She couldn't stand the betrayal. She didn't have anyone who genuinely cared for her.

Besides, she was going through a tough phase in the Gu family and had no one to talk to. She was all alone and the loneliness was driving her insane.

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that the Gu family is wealthy. I'm sure you have enough money to clean this mess. So if you want the photos back, I want you

only to demand a ransom from her. She was left with no choice but to pay him if she wanted

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