Nelson watched Yulia leave with his mouth open. He wondered what had happened to her. But Melinda could sense that something was wrong. Yulia had enough money to fulfill her needs. She felt that Yulia was dealing with a problem. Otherwise, there was no need for her to ask for one million dollars from her grandfather.

"Gavin, inform Jonas about this," Nelson said.

He knew that Yulia would ask Jonas for money since he had refused to help her out. Gavin was aware of Yulia staying out all night. She would sneak late at night and sometimes wouldn't return home until the next morning. He knitted his brows and wondered if she had gotten into trouble.

Yulia's head was spinning as the pain increased with every step she kept forward. Her head was throbbing because of stress as well as the hangover and she couldn't drive the car. Melinda saw her swaying unsteadily and understood that it was the effect of overconsumption of alcohol.

Yulia stopped a servant who was about to go shopping. She asked him to drop her at a place where she could get a taxi. The servant had been humiliated by Yulia before and he was confused by her unusual calmness.

Yulia felt emotionally numb. She walked into Soaring Group like a ghost. As she was asked to fix an appointment first, she listened to the receptionist and waited patiently without protesting.

Gavin had informed Jonas about Yulia's possible visit. Therefore, Jonas instructed William to bring her to his office.

"Jonas, I want to borrow one million dollars," Yulia asked, biting her lip.

Jonas saw that her eyes were bloodshot and puffy as if she had been crying all night. He had never seen her like this before. Jonas was Yulia's only hope and she thought that he would help her out. He was a businessman and it was easy for him to arrange the money.

"Yulia, why do you need so much money?"

Jonas pursed his lips and looked intently. He usually never wasted his time over silly issues as time was precious to him. He could convert one million to ten million in the blink of an eye. But Yulia seemed disturbed and Jonas could sense the depth of the problem, so he decided to listen to her.

He had worked hard to earn money and wanted to make sure that Yulia wasn't wasting it.

"Jonas, I'm in desperate need of money. Please help me out. I don't have answers to your questions."

Yulia didn't have the courage, to tell the truth. People had been abusing her all her life for being the illegitimate daughter. She couldn't imagine her plight if they found out the truth. Her life would become hell, perhaps, worse than Melinda's.

"Okay." Jonas nodded.

He understood that Yulia was hurting inside and didn't want to talk about it anymore. Yulia was moved by his response. She felt that a tiny part of him still cared about her.

Jonas signed a check and gave it to her. Yulia smiled gratefully and left. William walked into the office and saw Jonas peering out of the window. His posture was tense.

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