However, Melinda was too tired to do that. As far as Jonas could see, Melinda was coaxing the child, and before the child fell asleep, she fell asleep. And she woke up in a panic and continued to coax the child.

He felt sorry for her, but there was nothing he could do. He wanted to help Melinda in the casting group, but he knew nothing about the script.

Taking care of the child, Jonas wanted to have a try, but the child was like his natural enemy. The baby cried all the time when he held him, which made Melinda suspect that if Jonas bullied the child in a place she couldn't see.

The official Weibo began to release the news of the crew from time to time, and even distributed a lot of behind-the-scenes under Melinda's order. Looking at the progress of the crew, Melinda suddenly had a new idea.

In order to make this TV play a form of shooting and showing, the crew had to follow a certain time line, which would be more tired, but they could receive more comments and improve it.

After asking for everyone's opinions and getting everyone's approval, Melinda found the staff to start the production. This decision was sudden and shocked the people outside.

But they were still looking forward to it. After all, this kind of play was a test for all the people. Once the play couldn't be updated, or there were many negative comments, it would be a great impact.

Generally speaking, this decision would not be made in the new play, but that was what Melinda had done.

No matter what Melinda did, Jonas would support her, so he asked his products to start advertising for her series.

In this way, the play became popular again, and many people who didn't care about it at all were intrigued.

Melinda asked several main characters to shoot a promotional video. Because the play was in this form, the actors didn't have time to publicize in every city.

But it still couldn't affect the popularity of the play. When the first episode was broadcast, the audience rating had reached a new high.

The plot was so dramatic and eye-catching. One was Felix, who was famous a few days ago, and the other was Jessica, who was a famous singer.

This kind of combination was not expected, but the two people in the play had a strong loving sense. Many people immediately commented after watching it. This couple was so sweet.

What Melinda did made the play famous. Many video applications even competed for the exclusive broadcast right when it was broadcast.

When it was broadcast, Melinda only cooperated with TV stations, and the video applications couldn't update at the same time. Now many people began to contact her to get the final copyright.

these things were left to

family happy, especially Queena. She couldn't help but tease that there was another celebrity

that Jessica and Felix were together was announced. At this time, no one would think that it was a new hype,

no slander, and everyone was blessing

were chatting, Jessica said that she didn't expect herself to accept a relationship so soon and be immersed

Melinda was curious why Jessica didn't want to be in a relationship

then she encountered such things as Stacy and Jerry. She felt that she would never believe in love again. Until she saw Melinda

the heroine, she felt that she had experienced a relationship for a lifetime. She didn't want to have any regret, so she just

might not say sweet words, but he could make her feel the most sincere happiness

that Melinda knew that Stacy had divorced with Jerry and had finally decided to have an abortion. She didn't want her child

in A City for so many years that she hadn't seen many things, so she decided to travel around the world alone. Maybe she could have an affair during the trip, or she could come back

she left quietly.

the case of Yulia and Jerry. As the matter went deeper, they found that there

and Jerry was the one who did it. In the end, Alston still didn't have the heart to let Jerry die. So he had to spend the rest of his

much, he stole trade secrets and other

could come out, she was already a person in her middle

full pursuit of the police, he was caught at

the people who had done bad

write plays for the new comers they

could only be written once in her life, because that was her only youth

found that Melinda liked this industry, so he set up a film and television company for her. It was under the Soaring Group, and its name

for not knowing how to name, but the smile in

but she was very concerned about these things. She didn't want to stay at home all day long. She also wanted to tell everyone that she couldn't bring anything to Jonas by attending those hypocritical banquets.

her own way to build

home to take care of the child in the evening. The child

very happy to have a grandson, which made Alston very envious. He began to

felt a little regretful. He even told Jonas that he wanted

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