Both of them stayed late at night. The news about the couple having a romantic stay in the hotel was exposed by the reporters. Nelson couldn't be happier and he was slowly getting stronger and stronger.

The next morning, Melinda woke up to an unfamiliar environment. She hadn't slept well and was distracted the entire night. She had been in a daze, wool-gathering about her life, and didn't know when she fell asleep.

Jonas was already awake when Melinda opened her eyes. He was leaning against the bed. A half-burned cigarette was clasped between his fingers as he stared at a distance, lost in thought. The wisps of smoke were whirling around him.

The contrast between the delicate rose petals strewn all over the bed and Jonas's tight face was almost comical.

"Are you awake?"

Jonas's deep voice reverberated across the silent room. Melinda looked up at him. She knew that his flat, emotionless voice was only meant for her. Melinda had seen him speak in a different, happier tone when he was with Emily.

"Yes," Melinda said. She felt weird that Jonas had taken the initiative to talk with her. She quickly shook the thoughts away and decided to stop overthinking about this. She had spent five years, trying to find out what kind of a person her husband was. Jonas was an enigma and she still couldn't figure out his true personality.

"There will be reporters when we leave the hotel. What do we do?"

Jonas smashed his cigarette on the ashtray and put it out.

Melinda stopped rubbing her arms and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

When the two of them walked out of the hotel, Melinda held Jonas's hand and blushed for the camera. She was an effortless actor and the paparazzi believed her act.

The reporters standing by the gate began to take pictures of the couple as they walked out. Nelson had arranged a car to pick them up. The happy couple immediately parted ways as soon as they stepped inside the car. They didn't have to pretend behind closed doors.

"When will this be over?" Melinda frowned. If it hadn't been for Nelson, she wouldn't have agreed to do this for Jonas.

"You need to understand that I want this to end as much as you do," Jonas muttered and closed his eyes. The netizens were used to changing opinions with time. With the news column flooding with new information, people seemed to forget the past quickly. However, that wasn't the case with Jonas's reputation. After the rumors about his probable affair with Holley, it took a lot of effort and time to prove his innocence.

Melinda and Jonas stayed together, plotting different scenarios to make people believe that they were really happy together. The public opinion gradually changed. Holley tried her best to destroy their plans and bring the truth to light, but she had failed every single time.

"Damn you, Melinda!" Holley grunted. Melinda was the perfect wife in the eyes of people and people were thrashing and abusing Holley because of her.

Her one night of popularity had crumbled down and people began to spread their hatred for her. Holley went to the hotel in which Melinda and Jonas had stayed together.

The hotel room was tidy and romantic. There was a small table in the balcony that had several bottles of red wine and a fruit basket that she had arranged.

Holley took a quick shower and walked to the balcony in her bathrobe. She was a model and had a beautiful figure and flawless skin.

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a suit that was tailored for him. A smile tugged at the corners of Holley's mouth as she raked her eyes across his

pressed his lips against hers. The kiss soon turned passionate and wild as their tongues danced in rhythm. They walked into the bedroom as they continued to ravage each other's body.

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also hoped that writing would keep her mind off the things that were bothering her. He didn't want her to wallow in self-pity about her failed

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