Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 307 Do You Understand

Some people dreamt of fame and success, while some only dreamt of happiness for the rest of their lives. In the end, people tended to get disappointed, and even mad at the world, when they realized that they had lived an unhappy life.

And when someone accumulated too much disappointment, it would become despair that could eventually push him over the edge, making him want to die.

Worry was evident in Jacob's eyes as he looked around the interior of the car. He felt warm in the small space.

They drove along the road until they finally found her on a bridge.

Jacob calmed himself down and got out of the car, followed by James.

From their positions, they could see Cindy standing on the viaduct, without holding on to the handrail. The wind was blowing, but it seemed like she didn't care even if she fell down.

On the contrary, the two men were afraid that she would fall. Therefore, Jacob cast a meaningful glance at James, who immediately got what he was trying to say.

With a nod, he walked aside to do what Jacob asked him to do.

Maybe it was because Cindy felt Jacob's gaze that she turned her head to him. When their eyes met, she nervously held on to the handrail.

"What's going on, Cindy? Get down. It's dangerous!" Although Jacob's voice wasn't loud, it was enough to reach Cindy's ears.

A faint smile appeared on her face as she looked at the onlookers.

"Mr. Jacob, let me be. I will take all the responsibility. It's my fault. It's all on me..." She didn't know how long she had cried; but now, Cindy was unusually calm. All she wanted was to see Jacob and apologize to him.

could end everything

life, but what about them? Have they lived an easier life than you? How can you be so selfish? Why can't you just let it

scene all respected Jacob, especially now that they felt his sincerity to

worked very hard, but had been regarded as a disloyal employee

noticed that James had come back to his

the police come yet? She might jump down the bridge any moment now." Not wanting to let Cindy hear what they were talking about, Jacob lowered his voice.

talked to them. They are already on their way. They'll be here soon." They both knew

would only take a second for her to jump from the

James frowned. He just looked

you still have a long way to go. Don't kill yourself just because of your problem. Look at me. I'm already old, but still single. Even so, I'm still living a good life,

James said caused an

seems like

are getting lonelier as time passes by. I don't know what's

nonsense. You'll be responsible if she

persuade Cindy. "Little girl, you could find a way to solve your problems. Why do you have to jump into the river to commit suicide? Listen to me.

he's right. Life is so wonderful. There are so many things to discover and to enjoy. Why do you want to commit suicide at such a young age?" a young man beside

seven-storied pagoda for the god. Therefore, everyone who witnessed

a scar in my heart. I have made a mistake, and have been insulted because of it. Being alive is meaningless to me now." Sadness flashed through Cindy's eyes as

take long until they heard the whistle of the police car getting closer and closer, which made Jacob look back to confirm. The policeman with

hands on his hips and looked at Cindy on the bridge. She just grabbed the handrail with

see, she is going to commit suicide." No matter how

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