Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 308 Terminate The Contract

For a moment, Cindy didn't know how to react. Suddenly, she changed hands as she held onto the bridge. There was a hint of hesitation in her eyes.

"Mr. Jacob, some things can't be stopped once they are set into motion. I don't have any other choice!" Her eyes reflected a hint of despair. Soon, her expression grew more dull and miserable.

Stunned, Jacob stared at the policeman with a big mole standing beside him.

"You can always start over in life, little girl. However, you can't stand up again if you die. Do you understand what you're trying to do?" With a glance at the river, the policeman with a big mole noticed that the rescue ship was already under the bridge.

Meanwhile, Cindy didn't know about the boat. The only thing in her mind was her endless sadness.

Suddenly, she stared at the water with miserable eyes. Everyone didn't breathe as they waited for what she would do.

The cold atmosphere was as freezing as the water below the bridge. With bright eyes, Jacob stared at her. Every action she took moved everyone's heart.

"Please forgive me," she whispered in a depressed tone. At that moment, she looked resolute and ready to die.

Everyone else thought that she was only hesitating. However, Jacob felt something was wrong. Nervously, James clenched his fists. Suddenly, a terrible feeling crept in his heart.


Cindy jumped off the bridge. Immediately, Jacob ran and looked at Cindy, who just fell. Feeling complicated, he leaned on the bridge.

A sigh escaped everyone's breathing. Although she could solve her problem, Cindy couldn't forgive herself.

Not only could she move on, but she also made a stupid decision. Although no one made any conclusion about what happened, there was still a need for an explanation.

However, she chose to not tell anyone. Moreover, she also felt guilt and sadness.

The police on the rescue boat immediately jumped into the river and carried Cindy above board. Since she probably drank a lot of water, she lost consciousness. It would take a great amount of resolution to jump into the water on such a cold day.

began gasping for air.

the policeman with a big mole asked his coworkers on

send her to the hospital," replied the dark-skinned

a sigh of relief escaped Jacob's breath.

seemed to be at ease. When Jacob looked at the passers-by, the policeman was telling them, "You can disperse now, everyone. The woman is

everyone left one by one. After a while, only a few people were left

seemed as if no commotion happened just

course, you can call us if you need anything else." The policeman with a huge mole extended his fingers to gesture a phone call. Then, he placed his hand in his pocket.

you. Let's call it a day." James

the police sent Cindy to the hospital. Jacob and

on the way to the hospital. Jacob stared out of the

much thought to depression and suicide. It was only now that he realized it might happen to the people around him. Apparently, it happened frequently. Aside from birth, old age and death were always a

to shield his body from the strong wind. The gust

and an end. Unfortunately, some

was safe. Otherwise, it might scar him mentally and

the emergency room after arriving at the hospital. Moreover, they changed her into patient clothes. Meanwhile, her wet

great since it allows you to

great. Nonetheless, after obtaining

Cindy still had yet to open her eyes. While sitting in front of her bed, Jacob blankly

and made a phone call.

nose was red from

Jacob was the first person she saw.

was taken aback. She looked like she wanted to

gentleness in Jacob's eyes. Moreover, there was

her throat as if something blocked it, rendering her unable to

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