Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 310 Within Reach

"Yes, I was just as surprised to see that he was a director! Anyway, it's hard to tell whether those people are related or not just yet. And besides, Cindy has been weakened after what happened. I just want things to become normal again, Uncle James,"

Jacob said with a heavy heart.

"Yes, don't think too much about it. By the way, what's Cindy's plan going to be?" James asked, narrowing his eyes. He wondered whether Cindy regretted jumping into the river.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling that this issue had been a big blow for her. She told me that she was going to resign her job." Jacob sighed as he took the box of packed food from the waiter.

After giving the waiter his credit card, he turned his attention to his phone call.

"Well, the company is in need of employees at the moment, and Cindy is good. It's better if we persuade her to stay. Don't waste your time finding someone else, when you already have someone who cares."

Saying that, James let out a cough.

He knew that it was easier said than done. However, he realized that he couldn't achieve anything by forcing others to do something that they did not want to do.

"I know, Uncle James, and my intentions are the same as yours, but it is not up to me to make the decision. We'll just have to wait and see what happens," Jacob replied and took his credit card back from the waiter.

"You go take care of Cindy, and I will handle the company's affairs in the meantime. Don't worry, I won't be merciful in my judgment." James' expression softened as he smiled.

"I know, Uncle, but I want you to take care of yourself, too. And don't exert yourself," Jacob said in a gentle tone before he disconnected the call.

With the box of take-away food in his hand, he went to the hospital to visit Cindy and saw that she was lying on the bed with a blank expression.

immediately sat up in

Cindy asked, forcing a smile as she tried to sit up, but could

returned. Are you hungry? It took me a while to get you some food." Saying that, Jacob placed the box of food on the table before he took a

am not hungry," Cindy replied

very strict person, but she did not expect him to be so kind to her, even though she had made a

to even talk to him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wondered if she could start over again.

everything. If you don't like any of the food here, then I could go and get you whatever you like," Jacob said with a gentle smile as he placed the box of food in front of her. Everything looked so decent and

what I could hope for. Thank you. Please, sit down and rest for a while." As she said those words, a bitter smile appeared on

have nothing to worry about," Jacob comforted her softly as he opened the

matters, I will take responsibility. You can count on me," Cindy said with determination and decided that it was her duty

don't think too much about it now. Happiness is the most important thing that we need for us to survive in this cruel world. Only when we are happy, we can prove our true potential," Jacob said softly and started

for so long, they had never had a quiet meal together before.

Jacob to be

rare to see him be that gentle. Jacob was everything that a woman could want, he was rich, handsome, and just. Cindy couldn't help but sigh when she thought how lucky Sara was to have

big deal for

experience could change the way a person saw life. Although no one knew what life had in store

how many times they'd fallen. They just brushed the dirt

were many unusual things happening in everyone's life. Only after going through trials and tribulations would people understand the truth behind their tenacious attitude

most in you?" Cindy asked all of a sudden, mustering up all the courage she had in her. Her body went stiff with

that be?" Jacob asked casually, not

most people that I have met," Cindy praised

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