Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 314 Show No Mercy

"I'm on my way to the hospital. How's it going? The company, I mean..." Sara said as she sat in the car and turned on the Bluetooth headphones.

"Well, I'm still on my way to the company and I can say that nothing has been happening. Don't worry about me. I may not be able to visit mom for the next two days, but I am hoping that you would ask her to excuse my absence. And I am sorry about that, so please forgive me..."

Jacob's voice was filled with guilt as he tenderly said those words to Sara, to whom he owed everything. However, Cindy felt that Sara must be blessed to have Jacob and envied her.

"It's fine. Besides, you're working, and I already feel bad that I am not there by your side. If only..." Sara said with a warm smile.

Jacob seemed a lot different from before.

"Okay, I'll go to the company, then. Call me anytime if you need something." Saying that, he disconnected the call.

Cindy stared at him blankly.

There was a moment of silence between them. Although Cindy seemed to have heard Jacob's conversation with James, she did not say anything about it.

It was only fair that Kim had not showed up. Anyone in his position would have thought of escaping, too. Besides, if Cindy had died, then Kim would have been saved.

"Cindy, I need you to confirm something later," Jacob said, after thinking for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Cindy asked nervously.

"Don't be nervous... You just need to tell the others what happened. Besides, it's all right if he doesn't want to admit the truth, because I will handle everything." Jacob frowned, thinking that it was exceptionally hard to deal with.

"Well, what should we do if he doesn't admit the truth? To be honest, I have recorded the conversation." Cindy sighed. She had decided to give up her life, but still, she had a secret plan, in case things did not work the way she had expected it to.

"Do you really have a recording of the conversation?" Jacob exclaimed in surprise, excitement flowing through his veins. Things would be so much easier if there really was a recorded audio tape.

to be fine, isn't it?" Cindy asked in shock as she turned

record it?" Jacob asked nervously. He couldn't wait

recorder in the flowerpot when we fought and tore up the document. Kim mentioned in the tape that he was the

head and rubbed her palms nervously. There was

to get it." Saying that, Jacob smiled at Cindy. He finally had exactly the

and not Kim himself. Jacob had a hunch that the problem was bigger than he had imagined.

that Kim was nothing more than a mere puppet. And he was

Jacob understood that Cindy was just a victim in

had lost the most, because she had been betrayed. A person's feelings were the most valuable, and hurting one's

Jacob did not care about all that as long as he was

they arrived at the company's gates, they saw that people were already waiting for them. There was just one day left before Mr. Wang's deadline. Everyone was just waiting to laugh

got off the car, followed by Cindy, and saw James

than usual. James was getting old,

up in Jacob's eyes, but he composed himself as he

here, Uncle James…" Jacob said as he stepped forward while

that you're here. Is Cindy all right, now?" James asked as he gave

James, how is the company?" Cindy asked

don't we go inside and talk?" He then turned around and walked inside. Everything in the company

a nod. Jacob walked in the middle with Cindy on his right, and James on his left.

nothing unusual was going on in

even when everything

show its teeth for no reason, and once it did, there was no way for

there was a snake in the company, hiding from him. However, he did not know if it was far away from him or right by his

engulf the light completely. Just the same way it was for the light to eliminate the darkness completely. Jacob had no choice but to find the darkness that

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