Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 315 Different Praises And Criticism

There was still something that was rather unclear.

And Jacob realized that it was just the beginning of how things were going to be.

"Yes, you can guess by his attitude. He was the one who pushed the other directors to stir up trouble. So please take a moment to mentally prepare yourself before you deal with him. I would say the same for you too, Cindy."

Saying that, James coughed and stumbled.

"Yes, Uncle James, I understand. Say no more, now that I am here. And don't worry, I already told you that I have a solution, didn't I?"

Jacob said with a bright smile. He seemed thrilled. He was a lot different from others in terms of looks as well as his mannerisms.

Once the elevator reached the destined floor, Jacob got off and strode forward confidently.

The noisy group of directors became quiet the moment they saw him enter the room.

"Mr. Jacob! Looks like you're finally here..." One of the director's voice came, making the entire room go silent.

People were discussing about the developments and the solution to the problem, but they all became quiet the moment he spoke.

Jacob walked in, glancing at each person seated in the conference room. Everyone was respectfully seated at their usual seat, except for Jonathan.

Jonathan had his legs on the conference table with a smirk, which made him look rude and pompous.

All of a sudden, he clapped his hands loudly.

Everyone immediately turned to look at him. Jonathan was the first person who had dared to do such a thing.

victorious?" Jonathan mocked, his contemptuous gaze

sat down with a calm expression. He then turned to

you at least give us an explanation?"

that could be a threat to Jacob's position as the CEO was

already exposed his true

the other directors who were there, he did not seem noble or capable. Jonathan was a bold man with an attitude. He was even bold enough

great things could

different opinions about him.

everyone else as he tried

out of the company by firing him because that would only make

stay calm for

As for the source of the leak, we will be looking into it soon

of the people present nodded to show him their support. However, some understood


table and stood up. His hand hurt,

advise you to beware of what you say. Say

said those words pointing at Jonathan, everyone understood that he was furious. He looked

retorted, "What's the matter Mr. CEO? Are you going to burst into flames now that I

that everyone could hear their own heartbeat. Glaring at Jonathan, Jacob said with a scoff, "I don't want to

'What did he mean

to happen tomorrow? What's that even supposed to mean?" Jonathan asked,

such a thing without any reason, and thought that something bad was about

board meeting is meant to discuss the company's problems. If you want to act like a child, please get out. I don't have time for

sat down with a scoff and

that anyone who spoke would be targeted

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