Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 316 Don't Worry

"That's right. Let's find the key person first. It's useless for us to say a lot in the meantime. As for what the other company thinks, it will be futile if we try to guess. Anyway, we will know the answer tomorrow, and let's discuss countermeasures then."

The other directors began to gossip in hushed voices. Although they were disappointed with Jacob, they did not want to humiliate him. After all, everyone was aware that he was not a person whom they could mess with.

Even so, the disappointment in their hearts could not be hidden.

Jacob nodded in agreement. He had already guessed the result of the meeting. But since Jonathan angered him, he decided that he would no longer be softhearted like he used to be.

Mercy to the enemy was cruelty to himself.

"You can leave now. I hope you can keep it a secret for the sake of the company. I will solve this matter as best as I could. Don't worry," Jacob said with a smile.

Confused, Jonathan stared at Jacob's face, wondering why he was smiling regardless of the circumstances. To be perfectly honest, he did not like Jacob's demeanor right now. He hated that Jacob had always been confident and composed even in the face of adversities. With that, Jonathan's face turned dark.

When the meeting was adjourned, Jacob left the company with James and Cindy.

He got onto his car with poise. His handsome face was sterner than ever before.

His eyes were fixated on the road throughout the ride. None of them spoke, and they could only hear a deafening silence along the way.

The purpose of this trip was to find Kim.

Although Jacob had a hunch about Kim's whereabouts, he was not completely sure if Kim was really there.

James looked out of the window. Jacob's arrival seemed to give him much-needed courage. Thanks to Jacob's confident words, James had been comforted and reassured.

He had to admit he was already old. Before, he never admitted nor felt like one.

Thankfully, he witnessed Jacob's growth and improvement through the years. James felt that he was not as young as he used to be.

Even so, his life had been worth it. The world belongs to young people after all. Time will come, and everyone will become old and gray too. For James, the most terrible thing in the world was if the younger generation never learned to rise. It was actually worse than him becoming gray and frail.

never been more gratified

rising had always happened in adversity because he had no

time, and the car suddenly came to a

a duplex building painted in yellow and

with a slight frown, Jacob asked in a low

fixated on the building. Although she had been waiting for this moment,

with you," Jacob comforted in a soft voice, as if he had read

with a vigorous nod. With that, she got out of

outside as if in a daze. Her movements caused some dust to fly at her

him and said,

and then walked forwards with

James was at

see that Kim had put a lot of effort into winning this

the door and put the key into the lock. To everyone's surprise, it did not work. Stunned, she looked at Jacob with wide eyes. "I can't open it. It's probably locked

as he tried to unlock it himself. It was indeed locked from the

Knock! Knock! Knock!

they could not open the door with the key, he might

other side, Kim trembled with fear, a kitchen

correctly, it should be the second time someone had knocked on the door. Nevertheless,

know you're in there. We've already called the police. If you don't open the door now, the police will forcibly break in. I'm warning

shouted in hopes that Kim would

his words, so he began yelling while pounding on the door without a second thought. If people nearby heard his words, perhaps he could use it to his own advantage.

made him tremble even more while looking at the

was now too late to say anything.

too late for a reconciliation. Besides, Cindy was outside as well. What's more, if he had not been so money-oriented, he would be able to marry her in

turning back. Kim shivered at the thought of it, and his hands trembled even more that he could not hold the knife steadily. All of a sudden, it fell to the ground with a clang.

standing by the door when that happened. Although he did not clearly hear

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