Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 318 Interrogation

Cindy's anger didn't make any difference. In the end, the document was still destroyed. All her efforts were in vain. And she couldn't take back all she had done for him. Taking a deep breath, she waved at Jacob. "Mr. Jacob, please let's take this matter seriously. I'm willing to receive my punishment."

With his eyes bulging out of their sockets, Kim countered regretfully, "No, Mr. Jacob. I was the one who did it. This isn't Cindy's fault. It doesn't concern her at all. Please, don't punish her."

Kim's voice was loud but depressing. One could tell that he was filled with regrets. James replied quickly, "Then you need to be honest with us. Say the truth!"

For a split second, Kim was dazed. Then he said, "What truth? There's nothing I haven't told you."

Seeing the reluctance written on Kim's face, Jacob said, "No, you didn't tell us everything. Is there anything you skipped?"

Immediately, Cindy understood what Jacob meant. Looking at Kim, she asked, "Are you keeping secrets from me?"

Ashamedly, Kim buried his head in his hands. Then, he squatted and sighed deeply. "No, I am not. Don't push me anymore!"

With disgust, Cindy snarled at him, "Who pushed you? You are so shameless, Kim Shi! Who forced you into this? Answer me! We are all in this dilemma because of you. You are the cause of all these. Gosh! I was so stupid to have wanted to jump off a bridge because of a person like you!"

Upon hearing this, Kim stared at her in shock. He couldn't believe his ears. "Cindy, why are you treating me like this? I can't reverse all that now. But why are you still castigating and mocking me? Assuming, you had cared and supported me, do you think things would have turned out badly?"

Cindy opened her mouth in shock. Then, she stared speechlessly at Kim's sad eyes. Truly, she had always wanted him to be as successful and capable as Jacob. However, she didn't realize that Kim as just an ordinary person.

Looking at how he reacted to her outburst, it was unfair to compare Kim to Jacob. Both men were entirely different. Still, Cindy couldn't believe her eyes. Previously, she had thought that he was capable of doing anything just like Jacob. Apparently, she had mistaken his wide experience for boldness.

At that time, Kim had taken the huge risk just to please her. Cindy's constant nagging was becoming too much to bear. Still, she remained oblivious that she was the reason why he landed himself into trouble.

Jacob already knew what happened, but he decided not to speak. Facing Kim, he asked, "If you open up to us, the matter can be easily solved. Why did you do that?"

Astonished, Kim looked up at Jacob and replied, "Mr. Jacob, there is nothing else. The file has been destroyed beyond repair and Cindy is innocent. To make up for the losses of the company, I will forfeit my house and shares. I..."

she wailed loudly. "Kim, why didn't you act like this previously? We wouldn't be in this mess if you had been

just said. After a few seconds, he bellowed,

Cindy and James simultaneously. And lastly, he eyed Kim like a hungry predator.

confessed, Kim's face turned crimson. He was obviously in severe pain. However, he reasoned that if he didn't speak up,

one who destroyed it?" Jacob looked

that to cover up for me. I am saying the truth. I am the real culprit. This

eyes were filled with hot tears. Despite his status,

she was unconscious of

that what she was about to do was wrong. However, she chose to do it anyways.

take this file. If you do not say the

calmly, but he was very serious with his

can involve the police in the investigation. I did it alone. No one else was involved in this." Kim had already made up his mind. However,

is it? Well, I am not trying to threaten you. I just want to know the reason behind all this. Things would

he exhaled. Just then, he sighted the wound

Frowning, Jacob grabbed Kim's hand

accident." In a split second, Kim glanced at Cindy awkwardly.

so sad

time, James walked up to them and looked at Kim's hand, but he didn't utter a word.

one last question. And you had better be honest with me! Did someone force you to take the file?" Jacob asked sternly. He was already fed up with all the answers Kim was giving him. Since there

question, Kim began to shiver. Looking at Jacob, he paused for some seconds. Finally, he said, "Mr. Jacob, how could anyone force me? What are you

there is something else you haven't told us. What did you expect to gain from taking that file? Explain yourself.

ground. Then he glanced

whole conversation, James had remained quiet. This was very unusual. However,

he felt that he was missing an important clue that could solve the

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