Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 181 Have Been Alone All Your Life

"You are a good wife." Jacob nodded. Fortunately, he didn't hear her speaking of the money, or he would think what he had just said was really nonsense.

"Don't you ask me when I will use my cemetery?" The smile at the corners of the woman's mouth deepened, as if she was joking.

"It's okay. You can use it whenever you want." Jacob strode out, standing straight and leaving without looking back.

The woman was stunned. Was this the last respect Jacob had for her?

She glanced at the crowd below her. It was so cold, but the police were preparing an inflatable cushion for her.

The woman suddenly felt a little sad. It turned out that there were so many people caring about her, but she had never found it. She had always felt that the world was as cold as an ice house until today. It turned out that there's still warmth in this world, but she didn't find it.

After staying in the skyscraper for a long time, the woman got off the guardrail. Jacob was right. Death was not terrible, but living was.

She hadn't experienced all kinds of bitter life and hadn't seen enough of those beautiful things. She couldn't die.

Even if she died, she shouldn't have died like this. If she died like this, her husband would definitely be unhappy.

Jonathan had been watching the scene of the rooftop in the crowd downstairs. He could only see a very vague figure, but the woman waited for a long time and did not jump down. He was so angry that he stamped his feet. Moreover, even downstairs, he could see that the man standing not far away from the woman upstairs was Jacob.

He would recognize him even if he turned into ash. Damn it. But not long after Jacob left, the woman disappeared from the guardrail. She didn't jump off the building.

Some people downstairs felt lucky, some didn't care, and some were unhappy. Besides Jonathan, there was also the paparazzi, Colin, who was not satisfied with this result.

wanted to make a big news.

of them said something upstairs

people downstairs were excited. If she jumped down, it would only take a moment. But she had made up her mind

a sigh of relief. As expected, Jacob was not the little boy in his eyes. He could handle such

It was not because Jonathan contradicted him in the meeting, but because he

was good at nothing but making

James. He knew why James suddenly came back to the company after he left.

highest share. Of course, this was only a one-sided look, and some people would not

a lot of ways to plan other people's assets

to James, Jonathan

the building, he used some tricks. Although Jonathan didn't pay much attention to work, he was born to

was. Of course, James also knew that this was

disappoints you." James put his hands in his pockets and looked serious. Perhaps the biggest obstacle in the future

sensed danger, but he didn't know where it came from, let alone when it happened. After all, no one could tell whether it

don't you consider me? Also as one of the young generation of

of Jacob in other people's eyes was bad in his eyes. Because he was hostile, he didn't like anything

in everyone's mind. You don't have to say that. I don't want to feel pity for you." James spat. He suddenly found it

has given you. Uncle James, you have been alone all your life. Don't you think it's their

could he know it? Only a few people in the family knew about his affairs, but now this young man in front of him actually knew about it...

stunned and tried to pretend to be calm. Some things were in the past no matter what. Moreover, now he had no resentment in his heart. So what if he was alone all the time? How could his own business be

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