Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 182 Remain Untouched

James laughed and turned away. He didn't want to be entangled with the man in front of him anymore. What was wrong with a loser? How should we define success? There were so many successful people, but how many people could live happily?

At least now, James was still living a happy life. Even if when he occasionally thought of someone, his would still pain. But he didn't care at all. So many years had passed, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Of course, even if someone cared about him, they may worry about him at the beginning, but would gradually forget about that in the end. Everyone had his or her own life. When he or she laughed at others for living an unfortunate life, he or she would definitely find out his or her own misfortune.

When Jonathan saw James go away, he just shouted, "You!"

In the next moment, he rolled his sleeves and went back to the company angrily. Normally, he wouldn't show up in the company, but now as accidents happened in the company, he didn't want to leave so quickly.

Jacob was in big troubles. He must be with him at this critical moment. If necessary, he would give Jacob a heavy blow and make him unable to stand up again.

Yes, Jonathan wished that Jacob could never get up, so that he wouldn't always occupy his position.

Now, the person stand in Jonathan's way to the position of CEO was no longer Jacob or James. It's Michael. How could Michael give up the company which he saved to Jonathan?

Jacob was also so successful now, just because he had the support of Michael. Jonathan curled his lips. He would take back what he had lost.

He promised that all he expected would happen soon.

The crowd in front of him had already dispersed, maybe because that they were not immune to the cold. Even if they stayed at the gate of the company, they were unlikely to make any new progress.

Therefore, some people shifted their attention the explosion scene of the company. As a result, fewer people were standing here. The policemen heaved a sigh of relief.

jump off the building in such a cold day? Not to mention how painful it was to

did Jacob talk about with the

sum of money, some said that he had threatened the woman. But no one really knew what they were talking about except Jacob

was watching TV, a piece of

big explosion happened in the new energy plant owned by the Shi Group in the city. The reason of the explosion is still unknown. The police have

the hostess was seriously reporting this event. Sara's heart skipped a beat. She had a hunch that something bad would happen days

her head, Sara knew that she could do nothing

have fallen into a strange circle, which made both of them suffer. All

to say that good fortune and bad luck depended on each other. They could be transformed into each other. Sara was too lucky in the past. She had never experienced any setbacks, so did Jacob.

Sara thought in her messy mind. She now realized why Jacob left in a hurry just now.

change channels, but now she had to watch this channel, waiting for the

was a gift from Jacob. Even though she was extremely dissatisfied with him, she was unwilling to throw away the gift he gave her.

though she wanted to

person with heavy sentiment forget the person who lived in her heart? She couldn't forget about him unless

the news. She knew that her father had a deep grudge against Jacob. Maybe his father would say

father would never know the news. Sara felt

the show turned to live broadcast.

pointed the camera

an explanation from the Shi Group. That's why so many people gathered here." The camera swept over

the news. Those people just wanted to watch the show. How could any explanations given in such

was surprised that she was so naturally thinking from Jacob's point of view. Given that Jacob had just been punched

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