Ex-wife, Please Come Back

Chapter 184 A Sense of Powerlessness

Sara drove her car at full speed on the road. She had never driven so fast, but she couldn't help but turn the speed up to the maximum. Passers-by exclaimed:

"Is this woman crazy?"

Of course, Sara couldn't hear that. At this moment, no one could stop her from seeing Bess and Noah as soon as possible. She was glad that there were two people she could rely on at this moment.

Fortunately, she was not alone, and she did not need to bear it alone. Even though Sara was worried, she felt relieved at the thought of the two people she could trust and rely on.

Sitting in his office, Thompson was watching Jacob's embarrassment on the screen. Well done, Colin did a good job. He wanted to make things difficult for Jacob and he would like Jacob to die.

Jacob ruined his good plan again and again and spoke rudely to him. Thompson glanced at the screen. The woman who was about to jump off the building was like a timely rain for him.

If she could really jump down, then the scene would be really wonderful. In this way, even if Jacob had great ability, he would still be hit hard. After all, death was the end of everything.

And if one person died because of another person, that would be the most terrifying thing. Jacob must have experienced that feeling. He must know it clearly.

A smile appeared at the corners of Thompson's mouth. Last time, it was really lucky for Jacob to be still alive. But no one knew what would happen this time.

However, the woman still didn't jump off. On the screen, the camera suddenly swept over a person, and Thompson could not help trembling.

He saw the most terrible person, who was omnipotent in the underworld but usually did nothing.

He was there. Were all these designed?

matter was more and more complicated. If he had only faced Jacob in the past, he still had a chance to win. But if he would face

Even if Thompson was a

look at the man in

no mood to watch the play. If he could be happy about this issue before, it was because

was different. The appearance of that man messed up everything. It was totally in

didn't he think about this situation? Thinking of all the small tricks he had done, Thompson could not

it. Then he stood up and walked back and

He was worried about this. But on second thought, since

easy to deal with. Moreover, in this situation, everything was good for him. It was obvious that he

I knew it from the beginning, I would not be softhearted. Now, it's just

stood there all the time and saw Jacob talking to the woman in an orderly way. Others might only quickly throw out their own conditions to persuade

something for a long time. Maybe others didn't know, but Cindy knew him well. The CEO was cold outside but

been the assistant of Jacob for a short time, she still felt that the man in front of her was different from others.

either fat and bulky, or would become bad and shameless if they were rich. But Jacob was different. Except for his coldness

of this that Cindy inexplicably felt that even if the woman jumped from there today, the future situation would not be too bad. She was

at the tired man, Cindy stood aside and even

it going?" Cindy stepped forward and asked eagerly. At this moment, maybe it was inappropriate to

situation is not optimistic. The woman is pessimistic. Every word she says is particularly hostile. But I can clearly feel her change. And there

have a talk with someone, and the assistant in front of him might be a good choice.

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